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Sanitary napkins or menstrual cups

Sanitary napkins or menstrual cups

The time is now 2021. Innovation is moving forward leaving the old behind. Superstition has been crushed in the position of modernity. But why is the period still taboo? Many still refer to periods as women’s limitations. Periods are said to weaken women. Some people think that period is unholy again. But in the mother’s womb, you survived the blood that had accumulated during this period. A woman is a loving mother for the period. You don’t have to listen to anyone’s harsh words. Sanitary napkins woman period

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either. Stop now! Change perspectives. Periods are not any unclean thing. Know yourself, help others to know. Remember, if you are alert, your family will be alert. Every month girls have to face a taboo called period. The most essential items at this time are sanitary napkins or pads. When it comes to cost, many people still use cloth, which is unhealthy and can cause serious damage. Considering this, a menstrual cup can bring good news for you. Sanitary napkins woman period

What is a menstrual cup?
And you can safely work indoors and outdoors for 4-9 hours without leakage. Although everyone knows about the menstrual cup lately through social media, its arrival is long ago. In 1963, Leona Chalmers, an American, made the first menstrual cup with rubber. However, during and after World War II, the production of menstrual cups stopped due to the shortage of rubber. Then today’s menstrual cup comes in front of everyone in need of time.

How to use it?
Everyone may be a little scared the first few times. No matter! Once you learn, you can set it in a maximum of one minute without fear. So let’s know the steps before trying for the first time. First, take the open mouth of the menstrual cup facing upwards to the palm of the hand. Then with the other hand, hold it flat in the middle. Try to fold the cup like the English letter C. Hold tightly at the end and insert it into the vagina. Rotate lightly after the open mouth safely enters the vagina.

The cup will open automatically after entering. Unlike sanitary napkins or tampons, it does not absorb blood. Keeps the blood in the cup. But there is no leakage. And the blood does not enter. In a word, However, if there is a high flow, it should be, cleaned twice a day according to convenience, And if you have low or medium flow, you can stay all day. That’s it! And you will comfortably go through months and months without pads. Forget the fear of leakage.

How to save?
Menstrual cups should be boiled in clean hot water after use. Then wipe dry and store in a sterile place. However, hands must be cleaned before and during the use of the cup. Failure to do so may result in a bacterial infection in your body. Be careful.

What are the benefits of a menstrual cup? It is unhealthy to use clothes during periods. For example, if sanitary napkins cost an average of Rs 50-60 per month, the cost is Rs 700-820 per year. In 6 years the cost is less than four thousand rupees. The use of sanitary napkins or tampons pollutes the environment. In this case, because silicon does not mix with the soil, there may be health risks to people and animals. Therefore, the use of menstrual cups is environmentally friendly. There is no need to wear underwear.

There is no chance of poisoning or genital herpes. A wet, damp feeling is not a problem. There is no leakage. 25-30 ml of blood is excreted from the body of a woman during a period. There is always leakage from the pad. But the capacity of a menstrual cup is 80 ml.

But there is no possibility of injury if you use seasoning. So it should not be thought. If the menstrual cup is set in the vagina, it will be lost somewhere. It has to be removed by surgery. This is also not correct. Women’s vaginas are 3-6 inches long. At the end of which is located the uterus. That is, the front of the vagina is open. So where is the place to lose the cup? If you use a menstrual cup, Learn about your body, then think about it.

Menstrual cups can cause pain. This is less likely to cause pain. According to research, at first, it feels a little uncomfortable but later it seems normal. The size of the menstrual cup will vary depending on your age, physical constitution, marital relationship, etc. This reduces the complexity. Moreover, it is better not to use it if there is a uterine infection, cyst, other health problems. Those who have high flow, use

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