Services Provided By Europa Road For Transporting Oversized Machinery



Are you struggling to find the ideal international company that can transport your oversized machinery? If yes, then Europa Road transport can be the perfect company for you. Transportation plays a vital role in maintaining international trade and the elephant in the room is oversized machinery. The most machines need to be transported in Hungary to the capital city, which is Budapest, once you order this from a haulier, tell this simply: “amit szeretnék, az a gépszállítás Budapest XXI. kerületébe rövid határidővel.”

Europa Road International transport is the solution to all your issues regarding the transportation of oversized machinery. They have been trusted participants in this market since 2005. All your oversized and overweight machinery from wheeled to trucked can be transported without any hassle with their help. 

Services Provided By Europa Road For Transporting Oversized Machinery

The following are some of the services that are provided by Europa transport for transporting oversized machinery. They have a variety of transport methods to meet every demand and need of their customers.

1. Variable sized vans:

They have closed vans of 2 to 6 pallets to deliver small boxed shipments to Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, and Romania. Their delivery services are cost-effective, efficient, and hassle-free. They also have closed vans of 7 to 10 pallets to deliver hand tools to Italy, Austria, Poland, and Germany. They have trucks with 10 to 22 pallets to deliver large items or items in bulk. These trucks are also used to transport heavy medical machines such as X-Ray, CT, and MRI machines. Along with all of this, they also have trucks with 33 pallets.

2. Experienced professionals:

Their specialty is 15 years of experience in the transportation of oversized and overweight goods. It is dangerous to transport such goods without any experience and Europa Road has all the tactics and experience to handle such situations. They believe in precise planning. From designing the optimal route and planning the timeline to obtaining all the required licenses, they have everything pre-planned.

3. They have different processes for different machineries transportation:

They have all the processes to transport machines pre-managed like backhoe loaders, bulldozers, rockers, dump trucks, excavators, front loaders, bobcats, forklifts, road rollers, demolition hammers, and soil compactors. They also deliver agricultural machinery like tractors, combine harvesters, balers, silos, seed drills, and many more. While delivering all of this machinery, they keep in mind that they have to deliver their order in the specified time of the license.

4. They provide a complete plan:

Due to road safety issues, if they have to slow down somewhere, they also contact police or other specialists to escort the vehicle. They plan the delivery dates beforehand as the transportation of oversized machinery may take a bit long for some areas according to the parameters. Also, the prices of transportation may vary near international holidays such as Christmas, Easter, or local and national holidays.


Mentioned above are some of the services that are provided by Europa Road. If you are facing any issue regarding transportation, you can blindly trust them as they have an experience of 15+ years. They will fulfill all your basic requirements with full safety precautions in place.

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