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Set up an analytical diagnostic laboratory-like quest diagnostic

Set up an analytical diagnostic laboratory-like quest diagnostic

Do you want to open the best diagnostic lab like the quest diagnostic? Now we bring you the general guidelines on how to set up an analytical diagnostic laboratory and what are the requirements for activity licenses, etc.

So, in this article you will know all the details of opening the diagnostic lab like the quest lab, you just have to read the complete article to know about it.

What is an analytical quest diagnostic laboratory? These samples contribute to the study, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases, as well as the identification of any modification of the physiological state.

They may have one or more of the following services or units in their healthcare offer:

It is important that you know that not all laboratories can perform any kind of study, as there are complex exams that require very expensive equipment. These laboratories use methodologies such as nucleic acid amplification, flow cytometry, and highresolution chromatography, which require specific facilities and equipment, as well as specially trained personnel. These labs are often part of research programs.

Technical conditions of an analytical diagnosis laboratory:

As established in Order 2096/2006, of November 30, 2006, every analytical diagnosis centerlike quest labs will have a room with the minimum distribution and surface area that allow the proper development of the activity.

At least you will have the following areas:

Administrative area
Patient care area and reception of samples and specimens
Waiting room, with a surface that guarantees the adequate stay of patients
Room for taking samples and specimens, in which it is possible to guarantee the confidentiality and comfort of the patient.
Laboratory room itself, which will have a sufficient surface to develop the different techniques, as well as specific areas in accordance with biosafety standards (culture media preparation area; material washing and sterilization area; example.
Toilet services.

In the event that extractions are carried out, you will also have a suitable stretcher and/or chair. In addition, the premises must be suitable for your activity, so they must meet the following requirements:

Walls and floors that are easy to wash and/or disinfect and free from humidity.
Adequate lighting, ventilation, and conditioned temperature.
Emergency lighting, especially in public areas.
Requirements for the operation of an analytical diagnostic laboratory Care offer:

Procedures manual:
The procedures manual will always contain updated, at least, the following procedures:

as well as a security document for staff with access to personal data. In this sense, you must thoroughly know the Law on Protection of Personal Data to avoid eventual sanctions. Safety regulations and recommendations of professional societies for patients, workers, environment, reagents, waste, and emergencies.

Administrative authorizations, registrations, and licenses prior to the start of the activity:

Installation authorization:
Obtaining this installation authorization does not entitle you to open and operate the laboratory. the schedules of attention to the public, specifying dates and times of each activity; whether or not it is a producer of bio sanitary waste.

It is not necessary to specify the name and surname of the professionals. Technical project, including the work management certificate, signed by a competent technician and endorsed by the corresponding Professional Association

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