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Seven nature destinations for a fall getaway in Spain

Seven nature destinations for a fall getaway in Spain

Valley of Ultramar (Navarre) The area has well-marked trails going through and around it. For more information getaway in Spain and

Silva de Ozan (Huesca)
The peaks here reach as high as 3,000 meters, and the valley of Echo affords getaway in Spain numerous hiking options for beginners and pros alike on either side of the Aragón Suborder river. One trail leads to the Corona de loss Muertos (Crown of the Dead), believed to be a burial site from the Neolithic period, around 3,000 BC. For more information:

Valle del Genal (Málaga)
The area known as Bosque de Core (Copper Forest), which gets its name from the reddish tinge on the leaves of the chestnut trees that cover the mountain range and the neighboring Valley of Genal, contains several well-marked trails. For more information: and

Fracas do Mondeo (A Corunna)
The ‘fracas’ of Galicia are probably the closest thing in real life to an enchanted forest. They are dense, humid. old-growth forests whose tall, imposing trees seem to dare visitors to step within. One of the most pristine of these areas is the Fragua do Mondeo, near the town of Benzos and part of the biosphere reserve Marinas Corneas e Tetras do Mondeo. There are two trails leading out from the Cheol nature learning center. The lookout point of Espinosa offers excellent views of Mondeo canyon and the area of As Marinas.

For more information: and

Nanas River Path (Cantabria)
A magnificent expanse of gallery forest runs along the lower end of the Nanas river, in Spain’s northern region of Cantabria. For those unwilling to walk the whole distance, the halfway point is approximately located at the hydroelectricity plant of Trascudia. A visitor center in San Vicente de la Bruere offers guided tours and activities in the area. For more information:

Torch de loss Melos’s (Albacete)
The trail is between seven and eight kilometers in total, and cuts through pine, holly, maple, kermes oak and yew. For more information: and

Faced del Retable (Tarragona)
This collection of tall, centuries-old trees sits on the humid northern face of the gorge of Retaule. Its trunk has perimeter of four meters, and its visible roots make it a favorite spot for pictures. For more information:

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