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Seven Offsite Meeting Mistakes To Avoid!

Seven Offsite Meeting Mistakes To Avoid!

1) Not Having A Clear Objective

I cannot stress this hard enough. If you don’t have a clear objective of what you want to achieve from your offsite meeting, its easy for anything to go astray. Be clear about what you want to achieve or you will end up wasting everyone’s time, energy and not mentioning, your company’s money!

2) Choosing An Unsuitable Site

The venue chosen can make or break the event! When choosing the site, bear in mind what you want to achieve and at the same time know what you can spend on. If you have the budget to bring your team overseas – by all means do so, we are surrounded by many beautiful islands in Bintan, Malaysia, Batam, Indonesia. If you have more money – bring them to Bali, Phuket, Vietnam and even Macau! With budget airlines aplenty – there is no excuse. If not, there are plenty of venues that you can choose from in Singapore. Choose city locations if your company is not located there and vice versa – for a change of scenery.

3) Not Having Interesting Activities To Do

Too many “Free & Easy” slots in your itinerary can be too boring for the group. When its “Free & Easy” everyone may be doing their own things – so where is the “bonding”? Organising interesting activities can prove to be a challenge for some. Yes you can’t please everyone but it IS possible to have activities that everyone can enjoy. If you have a big group and would like to organise lots of cool activities for the group – get an experienced team building facilitator or choose a venue that has tons of interesting recreational activities for your group to do.

4) Having Too Many Activities To Do In A Day

On the opposite side of the spectrum – do NOT cram too many activities for your group to do in one day. Meetings in the morning, and team building is best done either half day or full day – don’t squeeze in more games for them to do the next day and at nite! That will be too much for anyone to handle. Part of the plan is to get your team to relax – remember?

5) Not Choosing The Right Speaker For The Meeting

When organising an Offsite Meeting, its great to invite a speaker that can motivate and inspire your team. Choose a lousy speaker – and the whole event can fall flat. Choose one that is engaging and can get the crowd going – the idea is to empower and inspire!

6) Organising The Offsite Over The Weekend or Public Holiday

Having the Offsite over the weekend or public holiday can prove to be quite disastrous as resorts are normally crowded over the weekends. Not mentioning the higher weekend rates for the use of accommodation and facilities. Always do your best not to cut into your staff’s rest day/weekend time with their families unless your team is a young crowd with no family commitments – a lot of people may back out from going.

7) Not Getting Feedback From Your Team

After each Offsite Meeting – always gather feedback from your team. What did well and what not so well – how can you improve on the next one. Not being able to follow through with what was discussed during the Offsite Meetings is also another “no-no”. The idea is for people to be able to work better together AFTER coming back from an Offsite retreats. So get to work and implement those ideas, fast!

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