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final farewell to Pick

Shakira said a final farewell to Pick

Undeniably popular pop star Shakira has reported her separation from Barcelona star Gerard Pique. The declaration was made today on account of Pique’s disloyalty of his contribution to another lady. With this, the 12-year relationship of this well-known couple reached a conclusion. The PK several has two youngsters despite the fact that they are not hitched.

A couple of days prior, another hit firearm came from pop craftsman Shakira. In the line of this tune, the Colombian artist has spoken about the pride of her conning beau.

He said he wouldn’t surrender after this double-dealing. He made it a reality by reporting his detachment.

Shakira was acquainted with Pique while singing at the 2010 World Cup. Then they lived under one rooftop for a period. He cut off the friendship and halted in harshness. Shakira isn’t willing to keep up with her relationship with him because of Pik’s unfaithfulness.

Prior in the day, Shakira reported her detachment in an authority explanation. An assertion from his representative said, “We are sorry to learn that we have chosen to separate.”

As indicated by the Spanish news office EFO, Shakira and PK have chosen to isolate today.

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