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Sheikh Hasina may be the chief guest on the Republic Day of India

If all goes well, Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina could be the main guest of the 73rd Republic Day celebration on January 26th next year. The proposal was discussed at the official level of both countries. Although the decision was not final.
When Sheikh Hasina arrives in Delhi on that occasion, Bangladesh will attend the event for the first time. Previously, neighboring presidents and prime ministers were not invited as main guests on Republic Day of India.
Bangladesh, of course, has already been honored. This year’s colorful Republic Day parade was held by an intelligent team of 122 people from three armies in Bangladesh.

Their parade commemorated the Golden Day of Independence of the Freedom Fighter, Bangladesh, and the 100th anniversary of the birth of the country’s father, Bangladesh Liberation Rahman. Thanks to Covid, foreign heads of state and governments were not present as main guests of the event. When Sheikh Hasina arrives in India as the main guest next year, it will be another gorgeous compliment to the “golden chapter” of bilateral relations.
A source from the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs told Protom Alo when asked, “It’s not time to say that yet.” approved. The
Constitution was abandoned on January 26, 1950, three years after India became independent. That was the beginning of my trip to the Republic of India.

The official parade began on that day and has been held on the highway since 1955. This parade has become a glorious story of India’s strength, prosperity and splendor. Foreign politicians have seen it. In 2016 and 2017, French and UAE fighters and their bands participated in the parade, respectively, but no one started the parade like the Bangladeshi army. From this perspective, Republic Day was unique and chic for both India and Bangladesh.
Why was the president or prime minister of a country actively participating in the War of Independence, which India recognizes as “the most loyal and most credible neighbor”, not given the status of special guest for 50 years? Republic day? However, some of India’s neighbors have decorated the main guest’s location many times at the event. Bhutan has visited the country four times. Nepal and Sri Lanka twice. Maldives, Afghanistan, Myanmar once.

Undivided Pakistan also participated twice in 1955 and 1965.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Bangladesh last March.

Indian President Ramnath Govind will visit the country during his victory on 16 December. Shortly before
, another daughter of Banga Bandu, Sheikh Lehana, will give a commemorative speech at a ceremony in India on December 6th. This year-round celebration takes another dimension when Sheikh Hasina arrives in India as the main guest on her Republic Day.

But it is doubtful that this colorful annual parade can be held on major highways next year. Construction work on “Central Vista” is underway along the highway. A new parliament building is being built. The government offices next to the boat clubs on both sides of the highway have been demolished. A demanding building is being built. The question arises as to whether it will be possible to access the highway and its adjacent courtyard by January.
The Ministry of Defense of India is officially responsible for the parade. .

He is supported by various government agencies. Defense ministry officials claim that every effort will be made to build a highway by Republic Day. If this is not possible, alternatives will be taken for security reasons. This ministry refuses to say anything about what it is. From 1950 to 1954, the parade took place at the Red Fort, Ramley Ramaidan, National Stadium and more. It has been on the Autobahn since 1955. If the highways are cluttered, the parade will be reduced elsewhere.

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