Sher-e-Bangla Stadium Which team has scored at least 150 runs

Sher-e-Bangla Stadium Which team has scored at least 150 runs in an innings in the last T20

On the soil of Bangladesh — more specifically, at Sher-e-Bangla Stadium Which team has scored at least 150 runs in an innings in the last T20? Can’t be found at least this year. This year, Bangladesh has played six Twenty20 matches at home at 6 Sher-e-Bangla Stadium. The first T20 of the five-match series against Australia and tomorrow’s series against New Zealand. In the first match of the series, Bangladesh scored 131 runs for 1 wicket at home this year, the highest score of any team in an innings in this edition. Considering the innings of the opposing team, Australia 121 for 6 (in the second match).

Looking back will be back in March last year. In the first T20 against Zimbabwe, Bangladesh scored 200 runs for 3 wickets at Sher-e-Bangla. Chasing down, Zimbabwe were all out for 152 runs. In that match on the soil of Bangladesh, the last team in T20 was able to score at least 150 runs in an innings.

The reason for pulling these figures in a hurry is a tweet from Hersha Vogel. The well-known Indian commentator tweeted yesterday, “I don’t know if the recent T20 matches in Bangladesh, West Indies and Sri Lanka have been of any use to the participating teams, if the goal is to prepare for the World Cup.”

The Twenty20 World Cup will be held in Oman and the United Arab Emirates in October-November. In this version, the wicket is made a runaway, the wickets of Oman and the United Arab Emirates are batting friendly. Experts now say that the wicket of the T20 World Cup will be 200 runs.

Bangladesh will enter the World Cup after playing T20 series against Australia and New Zealand. Bangladesh has also suffered in the pursuit.

Mahmudullah’s team lost 2 wickets for 6 runs and won the match by 6 wickets. Bangladesh had to play 15 overs to chase the small target. The spinners of both the teams turned the stick in the match. The ball came to a standstill on the wicket, turned and also behaved unexpectedly.

However, Australia did not send a full strength team to Bangladesh. Cricket Australia (CA) has not sent most of the players who will play in the T20 World Cup to Bangladesh.

New Zealand has formed a separate team for the World Cup, they did not send any of the team to Bangladesh tour. There is a chance to play in the IPL before the World Cup, and there is a possibility of ‘burnout’ if you play more cricket before the World Cup. And Bangladesh has wickets. The management of the two teams may have made such a decision after understanding everything. As such, only Bangladesh lagged behind in preparation.

However, looking at the recent T20 series in Sri Lanka and the West Indies, some other teams may be questioning their World Cup preparations. India won the three-match T20 series 2-1 on Sri Lankan soil in July. In just one match, a team’s innings goes beyond a minimum of one and a half hundred runs. Although it was not a full strength team in India.

However, the batsmen did not suffer in the T20 series during Australia’s tour of the West Indies. In that five-match series, the team’s runs in five of the ten innings were between 180 and 199 runs.

The question of preparation for the World Cup then only surrounds Bangladesh? There is no shortage of jokes about the wickets on social media. Some people jokingly say, forget ‘The Hundred’, T20 is a different version in Bangladesh.

In other words, from the place of T20 batting to the venues of almost all other countries, there is a murderous mood and high scoring cricket, but on the soil of Bangladesh, it seems to be the opposite!
Take the case of Glenn Poknell, who is the acting coach of New Zealand in the T20 series against Bangladesh.

“It was very challenging for Bangladesh and for us (the wicket),” he told reporters after yesterday’s match. The match would have been more competitive if we could have scored 25 more runs. So now the challenge in these two days (tomorrow and today, tomorrow’s second T20 match) is how to score 100 runs. ‘

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