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Simple Ways to Mentally Dominate Your Opponent

How would a dedicated tennis player deal with a closely fought match? This is more than just a physical battle for him. He would be fighting with his wills, character, and mental strength. Players usually need to fight universal battle both at a personal and emotional level. In this battle, one must fight in whatever means they have aiming at breaking down mind of opponent.

One of the well-known ways to break down an opponent is to establish dominance. What is dominance? This is term is used to define the inferior feeling that lesser players catch while facing better players. The effect is bad. It makes these players perform worse. Apart from hurting their play, it is also physically harming such as weakness, debilitating headaches, and high blood pressure.

So what’s the best way to dominate your opponent mentally? Listed below are some excellent ways you can do this:

Do Not Display Your Weakness

This is very important. Pretend to take no notice at all when the opponent hits a good shot. All you need to do is walk back into position as you usually do. Maintain head up, take a firm stride, stay under control and appear to be confident. You need to have a plan in hand and know precisely what you are up to. This is also known as keeping a dominant attitude.

In case, you happen to make an error (regardless of how serious), pretend as if nothing has happened. Simply mind your business and prepare yourself to play the next point. Any display of anger, frustration, or discouragement serves as clear signs of weakness which will give additional strength and confidence to your opponents.

Exercise Control over the Pace of the Match

It is possible to dominate opponent’s match pace even if you lag behind in score. Walk intentionally between points into position at your own pace. There’s taking no need to take notice of your opponent.

In case, it is slower than the wish of your opponent, let him wait. On the other hand, if it is faster, simply make him feel rushed. There’s no need to do this outside of written or unwritten guidelines. Remember that the purpose is not trying to be irritating. In fact, you are simply single-minded towards playing at your own, special dominant pace.

Dominate Using Match Strategy

It will be very intimidating for opponent to have a crystal clear game strategy and purpose than hitting balls unscrupulously into any opening. This specifies that you think you caught weakness of your opponent and want to exploit it. People can scare uncertain individuals and even break down better side of opponent by placing focused pressure.

You should never allow your opponents realize that you fear a specific part of their game. For instance, when you serve into forehand of opponent and he continues by hitting a brilliant return, avoid being hesitant about instantly serving to it again. This will give a direct indication that you were not impressed. At later stage, once the opponent misses one, you may decide on serving somewhere else more frequently. However, you need to avoid letting him feel as if he has intimidated you.

In case, the opponent steadies you when playing a long baseline point, avoid hitting harder or rushing the net immediately. Simply force him to steady you again and again. You may decide on adjusting strategy after winning one of these long points. Here, you should avoid making him feel that you have approved this share of the field to him. In a game of tennis, dominant players move only because they choose to. It is not because the opponents force them to move.

Wrapping Up

Performing in the ways mentioned above will let you impose your willpower and strength of personality on your opponents. This will prove to be a burden on your opponents, despite the fact that they may be better than you technically.

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