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Sinus problems can be reduced at home without medication

Sinus problems can be reduced at home without medication

At the beginning of winter, many people have sinus problems. This can be due to pollution and sudden drop in temperature due to change of seasons.

How is this problem?

The sinus is a part of the head whose job is to help air pass through the nose. If there is an infection inside these sinuses for any reason, the air circulation is disrupted. Then there is a severe headache. Shortness of breath can also occur in some cases.

If the sinus problem reaches a complicated place, a doctor’s advice must be taken. But before that there are some home remedies that can reduce this problem. What are those domestic ways? Let’s take a look.

* You can take light hot water or normal room temperature water in the palm of your hand and pull it one by one through the nostrils on one side of the nose. Initially there may be discomfort inside the nose, even mild irritation. But it clears the dirt that accumulates inside the nose. When there is an infection inside the sinuses, it helps to reduce it. Sinus problems can be reduced by drawing water through the nose twice a day for three consecutive days.

* Surprising to hear, but the simple solution to the problem of sinus drink extra amount of water. Drinking too much water removes the dirt accumulated in the sinuses in the normal process. The nose is clean. Reduces pain. Eating a little more liquid food also reduces this problem.

* To reduce this problem can make a special drink. For this you need one spoon of apple cider vinegar, a little ginger powder, lemon, a little black pepper, half a spoon of turmeric, three or four cloves of garlic. Take these together and boil them in a glass of water. Cool the mixture a little and eat it with small sips like tea. It will also reduce sinus pain. You can also mix honey in it. The drink can work better.

* Many people take steam to reduce the problem of cold and cough. Put the hot water in the pot, cover the head with a towel and take steam from the pot. You can mix a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in this hot water. It will also reduce sinus pain.

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