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Sister Suhana's reaction to Aryankand

Sister Suhana’s reaction to Aryankand

Shah Rukh’s son Aryan Khan has been at the center of discussions in B-Town for a few days now. He is now in jail after being arrested on drug charges. Neither mother Gauri Khan nor sister Suhana Khan spoke about this. However, this time Suhana responded.

Last Saturday (October 2), the NCB arrested Aryan Khan on charges of using drugs at a drug party on a luxury ship. Citing the NCB, Indian media reported that Anandabazar was on a luxury cruise from Mumbai to Goa. Aryan Khan and his friends set out on that luxurious cruise called Cordelia in the guise of a passenger. The party started shortly after the cruise left Mumbai.

The NCB had news that there would be a party in Cordelia in the middle of the sea and there would be drug use. In the middle of the party, when many people are addicted to drugs, the NCB members are caught in the act. A lot of money is confiscated. It also contains drugs like cocaine, hashish, MDMA.

Arian Khan was not granted bail by a Mumbai magistrate’s court on Thursday (October 8th). He was remanded in custody for 14 days. When such a tragedy befell the family of Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan, many celebs stood by his side. Salman Khan has given the message to go to Manna and stay by his side. Hrithik Roshan wrote an open letter to Aryan.

In an open letter Hrithik wrote to his friend Shah Rukh’s son Aryan, “My dear Aryan, this journey in life is very strange.” There is something great hidden in the uncertainty here. Life will never throw a curved ball at you, but the Creator is merciful. He only gives the toughest balls to the toughest players. You have to understand that you are special, in this game so he has chosen you. I know you’re feeling very stressed. Being angry, scared, feeling helpless. All this will awaken the hero hidden in you. But be careful! Don’t let the good in you be ruined. There is kindness, compassion, love in you. Let yourself be burned, but keep them alive. Mistakes, victories and defeats are all one. You have to understand who to adopt, who to exclude.

This is not the end, Hrithik further wrote in his letter, I have known you since childhood and again as a human being. Everything you gain from experience is your gift. Trust me, when these points come together, everything will make sense.

In Hrithik’s words, you have fallen into the devil’s eye, keep yourself calm, and keep watching everything. Tom is building inside you right now. And soon the sun will rise in Tom’s life. But before that you have to walk through the dark path. Trust yourself, you have light inside. There is so much love for you.

Then Suhana Khan responded. He liked Hrithik Roshan’s post. Suhana gave the message to stay by the side of her brother and family on the day of danger.

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