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Smart Ways to Trap Foxes with a Dog

Smart Ways to Trap Foxes with a Dog

Foxes have a distinct look, but they are actually related to dogs. Because of this, if you have a fox problem in your yard or where you live, it is easy to trap one utilising a dog trap. Foxes are considered clever and cunning and with good reason. If foxes were people, they would be considered street-smart since they are very adaptable to their surroundings, including the humans who invade their turf. They are able to feed on various foods, which include small animals such as rodents.

The gear
You must consider good gear such as a well-designed dog trap to snare a clever and sly fox. You must consider the size of the dog trap and make sure it will accommodate the fox you are targeting. Keep in mind that regardless of the gear you choose, the single biggest secret in being able to catch a fox or even a coyote is the setup. Keep in mind that foxes are related to dogs, so they have super senses when it comes to their olfactory abilities. You may want to utilise clean gloves when setting up the trap. You may want to carry an extra pair, especially when it gets moist and wet or when you accidentally touch the bait.

Areas to target
The best locations to set up these traps are the hunting trails of foxes and coyotes. You must check out tracks where there is a good indicator that a fox or coyote has been there. You will often find them traversing through strips of trails as well as near streams. In thicker woods, the animals will follow game trails as well as ATV trails. Actually, foxes enjoy areas where people are around since they can scavenge food. Agricultural areas are an awesome place for them as well.

You might also find that some of these areas will have dogs’ presence, and you want to do all you can to never catch these innocent dogs. In many locations, it is unlawful for people to allow their dogs to wander around without a leash. Avoid catching them at all costs and leave it to the authorities. You must learn to know the distinctive features of a fox, coyote, as well as a dog track. Try to steer clear from areas where there are dogs.

The bait
You can ask other trappers what the best bait is, and you will be getting different and conflicting answers. There are some instances where you can get good results utilising the carcass of a duck or even a raccoon lure. The list is never-ending, but the first thing you might want to consider, affordable and easy to access, is commercial dog food.  A good trick is to throw a handful of dog food in a dirt hole and sprinkle a few bits and pieces on the trail just near the whole. Usually, if they pick just one kibble, you will be able to catch them.

You may want to trap a fox simply for game or because they are a nuisance to your property. There are ways to trap a fox utilising commercial dog traps. However, keep in mind that you need to use bait and be knowledgeable of trails foxes or coyotes have been.

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