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Smiling picture of El Pel was relieved

Smiling picture of El Pele was relieved

Suddenly bad news came from Brazil on Friday night. Less than three days after he was released from the ICU, Pele had to be taken to the ICU again yesterday. The Brazilian legend has reached the age of 80, his body is gaining a lot of speed to cope with the shock of the surgery that took place a few days ago

But in the end, there was nothing to worry about. This year’s ICU bus of Brazil legend is just a few hours away. He has been Pele removed from the ICU.

Pele was having trouble breathing, according to AFP

He is stable at the moment in terms of heart and respiratory problems, the hospital said in a statement.

Family members came to see me today. I can still smile every day.

Pele ‘s daughter Kelly Nascimento posted a picture with her father on social media Instagram. “It’s normal for a man his age (after surgery) to recover from stress,” he wrote. After such an operation, sometimes it happens that if you go two feet forward, you have one foot back. Today he stepped forward again. ‘

However, seeing Pele in the picture, it was clear that the three World Cup winning Brazilian legends are in hospital beds. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

But for those concerned about the health of the Brazilian legend, Nascimento’s message may come as a relief: “I’m sure he’s doing well, everything is going well. There is no shortage of worries around the world at the moment, we don’t want to add one more. ”

The 70-year-old body is not allowing Pele to live in peace! The Brazilian legend has been spending more time in hospital lately than at home.

However, ESPN Brazil reports that Pele ‘s condition is stable. No one close to Pele or anyone at Albert Einstein Hospital has yet commented on the matter.

Pele has been spending his days at the hospital since last August 31. Pel was in the ICU after the surgery. Get without last Tuesday. After returning home, however, Pele jokingly wrote on social media to explain his physical condition that day, ‘I am enjoying every day more. ‘He wrote at the end,’ We will meet again.

Today, millions of Brazilians are sitting in that prayer again. Country, regardless of the support of hundreds of millions of football fans did not sit!

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