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Someone’s Passing is Something Inevitable

Someone’s Passing is Something Inevitable

Someone’s passing is something inevitable. On our part, we can do our best to cope and live our lives the way the departed wants us to. We also have the responsibility to honor their life and keep their memories alive. Here are simple and practical ways to commemorate the deceased, Someone’s Passing from lighting memorial candles to putting their photo on display.

Light a memorial candle. Memorial candles offer a simple yet heartfelt way of remembering the life of a departed loved one. Lighting them is a spiritual-related tradition observed by many cultures around the world. But apart from that, this act also offers benefits such as ushering a sense of calm and helping the bereaved meditate.

Put your favorite photo/s of them on display. Even a single photo can already launch a thousand memories. If you put the photo/s of the deceased in a place where you and others can easily see it, it will help in sparking memories and in making their presence felt.

Make a scrapbook. If you’ve got too many photos of the departed that you want to treasure, you can also consider making a scrapbook out of them. Apart from the pictures, you can incorporate words and messages that best describe the photos. Unleashing your creativity while making this is also a great way to relax and is helpful in processing your emotions.

Commission a slideshow. If you’re more into the digital stuff, you can opt to commission a slideshow or a movie tribute. Ask your family and friends to send in any photos they have, and record messages about the departed. You can play it at the funeral service, share it on social media, or even embed it on a memorial website.

Learn how to cook their favorite dishes. Food ignites a connection with people — alive or deceased — in a very special way. It can evoke memories that you associate with them and make you remember stories that you heard while enjoying these certain dishes. One practical way of honoring someone who passed away is cooking (or learning how to cook) their well-loved meals and serving them during special occasions. You can also create a recipe book featuring these dishes.

Compile their favorite songs in a playlist.

Like food, music can also speak to the heart. Especially if the deceased is a known music lover within your circle, it’s a good idea to curate a playlist based on their favorite tunes as a way to commemorate them. You can play it on special days or whenever you feel like remembering your departed loved one.

Do a charitable act in their name. Apart from the items mentioned above (e.g., lighting memorial candles), leading a purposeful life is one of the best ways you can pay homage to someone who passed away. One way you can do that is to do charitable acts every now and then. And to make it more meaningful, you can donate to an organization or plant a tree in the name of the deceased.

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