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Sour Space Candy – An Uplifting Hemp Strain

Sour Space Candy – An Uplifting Hemp Strain

Sour Space Candy is an invigorating strain that is the product of a cross between a Sour Tsunami strain and the Early Resin Bud from Oregon CBD. This hybrid has a sour taste and an uplifting effect, which make it the perfect choice for daytime consumption. The red hairs that cover the buds are indicative of the strain’s sour flavor. It’s one of the few cannabis strains with such a high THC content, and is therefore considere a “high-inducing” strain.

While premium Sour Space Candy is produce indoors, its effect is not always clear-cut. While the premium variety might look amazing and have a wonderful aroma and flavor, it may be a terrible strain for indoors. You’ll need to test multiple varieties from different vendors to determine which ones give you the best effects. And remember: don’t judge a strain of hemp flower too quickly. Everyone reacts differently to different cannabis products. That’s why it’s important to test several varieties before settling on one.

Sour Space Candy contains a unique blend of terpenes. The main aromatic compound, Myrcene, is responsible for the strain’s unique flavor. This terpene contributes to the strain’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, and is the most abundant in hemp flowers. It also regulates mood by enhancing the body’s endocannabinoid system. Several strains of cannabis contain terpenes to provide therapeutic benefits.

The Sour Space Candy strain is known as a CBD hybrid with a sativa-dominant ratio. Its effects are uplifting, but not euphoric. It helps to relieve stress and improve focus. It also boosts creativity. It’s best consume during the day. It has for pain relief, as well as for mood-boosting purposes. Sour Space Candy strain has a high CBD concentration.

Sour Space Candy Hemp has a pungent tropical aroma and a hint of citrus. As it breaks apart, the scent grows stronger. This is important for fans of hemp flowers, because the aroma is an essential element of the experience. Sour Space Candy’s taste is unique and energizing, and it’s known for relaxing effects. In addition, souring Space Candy CBD is a great choice for morning and daytime use.

Sour Space Candy is a CBD-dominant hybrid strain that originated in Oregon. The sativa-dominant hybrid strain has high levels of CBD, and the Early Resin Berry contributes to its flavor. Its buds are multicolore and contain purple, orange, and green hues. The buds also contain myrcene, which contributes to its sour and sweet smell. Sour Space Candy is great for relaxing and reducing muscle tension.

Sour Space Candy is the perfect choice for CBD-hemp flower consumers. It has a strong citrus flavor and a sweet, gaseous aroma. The buds are medium to large, and covered with a sweet sap-like resin. Get in touch with Huron Hemp to get hemp dog treats. It is also dense in resin and has a mellowing effect. It’s an excellent choice for a relaxing experience during the day or while sleeping. It’s also great for relieving anxiety and reducing inflammation.

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