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specialized ambulance with ICU facilities is lying in Sylhet

Another specialized ambulance with ICU facilities is lying in Sylhet. Has been under the open sky for almost a year. There is no camp here either. The two ambulances were in the hospital garage.

Vehicles lined up in one corner of the emergency department premises of Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital. Two of these ambulances are completely out of order. They have rusted after Earlier it was under the open sky next to a room in the administrative office. The relocation took place as construction of a new building began there. And that’s when the ambulance came into view anew. An ambulance driver at the hospital said, ‘This is the most expensive ambulance. No power to drive. So it has been idle for a year.

Inside the air-conditioned (AC) ambulance there are various life saving devices including advanced technology pulse oximeter, ECG machine, syringe pump, ventilator machine, suction machine, monitor, oxygen cylinder. It has ‘Voluntary Blood Collection Activities (Air Conditioned)’ written on it. Another ambulance next to that car. Both cars rusted.  There is no canopy over the vehicles.

Many do not know that there is an ambulance with ICU facility in Sylhet. Sylhet Chamber President Abu Taher. Shoaib said, “In the second phase of Corona, we only tried to get the help of expatriates for ICU beds and oxygen support. t is an example of extreme anarchy.  Abul Kalam Azad, a member of the hospital’s ambulance management committee and assistant director of the hospital, told Prothom Alo that it was a specialized ambulance.  We recently received a letter regarding the use of a cardiac ambulance.

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