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Corporate Awards

Spice Up Your Corporate Awards For More Special

One way to make employees feel valued and appreciated is to have company award ceremonies several times during the year. Reward good work and achievement with trophies and awards of different kinds. Some people prefer awards that are more usable, such as beverage cups or tumblers, clocks, or gift certificates accompanied by plaques. Consider making the traditional company achievement awards mean more with surprises added to them.

Making Corporate Awards More Exciting

What if the normal company achievement awards such as plaques, cups, or tumblers had gift certificates attached to them for a free meal at a great restaurant, a country club or health club membership, or a shopping spree online or at a favorite store? Another way to improve company awards is to have more meaningful messages printed on them along with the recipient’s name and other information. Giving corporate awards can be fun and more supportive to valued employees at a time when employee retention is a problem many companies face.

If an employer takes the time to know what employees value, it will be easier to give better awards when the time comes. Everyone likes a few plaques to hang on their wall and show the world their achievements but, over time, they need a little more and a few different awards to feel special. What if the company made raises coincide with an award ceremony so those receiving awards for achievement found a notice of a generous raise attached to them?

Putting an Awards Program in Place

If a company does not have an employee awards program in place, it is time to set one up. This ceremony can be a time for employees and management to have a good meal and quality interaction. An awards program must mean something so that employees winning awards will value them.


The Benefits of Corporate Reward Programs

A company that has award ceremonies for its employees can reap a few benefits that make those awards worth the investment. A company that pays its employees generously and adds an awards program will see benefits. Employee recognition programs and awards bring a company these benefits:

  • There may be better employee retention.
  • Employee loyalty may be enhanced.
  • Employees may become more engaged.
  • Employees will give the company higher productivity.
  • The company can attract top talent.
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • The company culture will be improved.

Doing Awards Right

For awards to have the most benefit for both the company and its employees, it is important to follow a few guidelines. More frequent awards programs are better than yearly ones. Recognizing employees for their hard work several times a year keeps employee morale higher throughout the year.


Incorporate public recognition into the awards program so employees feel more important. Publishing company awards in a newsletter, the local paper, or on the company website elevates the awards to a new level.

Consider having an awards point system in place so employees earn points for achievements during the time leading up to the awards ceremony such as successful completion of team projects, meeting sales goals, contributing in various ways to the company’s success, etc.

Finally, don’t be stingy with the number of awards handed out on awards night. Give awards that show the company values all of its employees and then give larger awards for the top achievers.

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