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story of the existence of a serial killer without a body

story of the existence of a serial killer without a body  ‘Lifechanger’ (2018) is an indie-horror movie. This little-talked-about movie deserves to be discussed among the fans of the horror genre. The main reason is the fancy premise of this movie. Kafka’s famous novel ‘The Metamorphosis’ is very popular among literary connoisseurs. because, this movie has twisted that initial premise of metamorphosis. By parasitizing that insect as if refining the idea of ​​the story ‘Metamorphosis’, this movie has given a different look.

Lifechanger’s  style follows the ‘first person narrative’. The whole story is told from the perspective of a serial killer. It would not be wrong to call that serial killer a parasite from a natural point of view! It is this parasite that drives him to kill. This serial killer named Drew never comes out in public, only a voice over narration can be heard. How come? He does not have his own body, he enters another’s body and wanders around. The audience is introduced to Drew in the opening scenes of the movie. Leaving the body of a woman, she sucks the body of her lover and takes that form. When Drew takes a position in a body, after a certain period of time that body begins to decay. Drew then takes refuge in another body.

Drew takes not only the body, but all the memories of the real owner of that body; Contains characteristic features in itself. This is why Drew is always out of reach. Drew has always carried the pain of this unusual feature on his shoulders, but Drew loses control of his emotions when he comes in contact with a woman named Julia, who lives in another’s body. Even after committing so many murders, he did not wake up to the point of remorse for anyone. Think of someone else before you get close to Julia. But the man Julia has fallen in love with is not Drew. How will Drew reveal this ugly truth? And this body or how long? I want his new body soon, on my own.

‘Lifechanger’ is a body-horror crime-thriller movie in the form of shortness of breath. Screenwriter and director Justin McConnell introduces the audience to this skilled serial killer in the middle of the autobiography, which begins in the opening scene; Basically with its darker sides. And from there the audience continues to witness all his ill actions. This transformation of Drew with some monologue; His first murder, the viewer can know the details of everything. The new body, used as Drew’s shell, imprints the personality, features, and tone of Drew’s own heavy voice. The impression of age is clear in it. Two different character aspects are captured here. In one body there are two characters of completely different poles and at the same time their different characteristics come to the fore. One owns the body, the other drives.

With McConnell, an intelligent and cunning idea, this movie has a lot of horror movie shadows. The two shadows that stand out are: The Fly (197) by David Cronenberg, the pioneer of body horror movies, and Replace (2016) by Norbert Kyle. . However, ‘Lifechanger’ is different in presentation style. Contains Slash movie elements. But there is a difference in the use of ingredients.

But the thing that makes this movie stand out is the way it looks in every detail of its anti-hero. And where it differs, it is not the story of the serial killer’s victim, but his struggle to survive. Drew’s emotional spots aren’t as resonant as they should have been. McConnell did not even try to resonate. The story took a turn whenever Drew wanted to make the scenes heavy in the outpouring of emotion. This contrast is like the rule, which did not change in the whole movie.

The film focuses on serious issues such as the crisis of existence, the eternal struggle for human survival, and the conflict of identity.  Me-too also seems to have an impression of later times. However, it did not get a clear shape. McConnell did the main job of creating a very mysterious, obscure atmosphere. Because his whole movie is weather dependent. In this way, the director has chosen the right aesthetic in keeping with the script. As a result, the visual language has become more appropriate.

Scene blocking, shot composition is the impression of clear planning. This movie has given the gift of excellent practical effects by showing the thumbs up to the narrowness of the budget. The style of using practical effects is reminiscent of classic horror movies of the eighties. However, this movie has got a great look at the editing table. Very sharp editing.

The last can be said; Although the emotional issues and conflicts are not very infallible, in just 64 minutes, ‘Lifechanger’ has been able to present his fancy ideas and esoteric statements effectively. Body Horror will be a different movie to the public, Life Changer.

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