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Studying MBBS in China For Indian Students Is a Dream

Studying MBBS in China For Indian Students Is a Dream

Studying MBBS in China for Indian students is a dream. Going far, learning another language, discovering another culture is something to do when you are a student. One can go to Europe, not too far from mum/dad or opt for the end of the world and the great change of scenery! If that’s what you’re looking for, Indian Students Is a Dream China is the destination for you! Here is some practical information for your studies in China How is higher education in China? The university level is very high in China. To access higher education, the Chinese must obtain the GaoKao. Indian Students Is a Dream Good news, foreigners don’t have to pass it!.

The Chinese university system resembles the European system:

The Benke = License
The Shioshi = Master
Boshi = Doctorate (it is possible to have courses in English for the doctorate)
Some establishments offer courses in English but in the majority of cases, the courses are taught in Chinese and a minimum level in Chinese is required.


How to choose your university in China?

There are many campuses in China. Chinese universities are generally very reputable. You can opt for large cities such as Beijing or Shanghai. The advantage is that you will meet other ex-pats and foreign students and that you will find all the facilities for foreigners as well as all the international chains. If you are looking for more authenticity: you will have to go to quieter and smaller towns (this is subjective because a small town in China has 1,000,000 inhabitants). Tianjin Medical University offers a good compromise: it is very famous for its training and the city is surrounded by nature and it is much quieter than the big Chinese megalopolises.

The choice of university is very personal. It will depend on your professional project. Many Chinese universities have partnerships with other universities and schools so if this is your case, this is still the best solution to studyin China. It will facilitate your admission anyway. How to finance your studies in China and Bangladesh? This is always the question that arises when you decide to go study MBBS in Bangladesh… Yes, going to study abroad has a cost but the cost of living in Bangladesh and China is much cheaper as many aids are available to help you carry out your project. Just inquire!

Chinese scholarship for foreign students:

As a foreigner, you can apply for a scholarship. There are different scholarships available depending on the university level (benke, master, doctorate scholarship). There are special scholarships to study MBBS in China for Indian students.

What visa do I need to study in China?

Before applying for a visa, you will need to pre-register at a university.

There are 2 types of visa to study in China:

For stays of less than 6 months: the business visa, internship and course program of less than 6 months (F);
For stays of more than 6 months: the study visa for course programs of more than 6 months (X).
Visas are issued within 2 to 4 weeks. It is therefore advisable to do it a little in advance.

Here are the documents you will be asked for the Visa F:

Valid passport (valid for at least 6 months from the date of application with at least 2 consecutive blank pages);
F or X visa application form correctly completed and signed with photo;
Copy of return tickets, hotel reservations;

The invitation letter from the host university or institution: pre-register upstream with the university to which you are applying.
Health insurance certificate for the entire duration of your stay.

Then you must make an appointment on the internet and go directly to the embassy with all the documents to make your request.
China is a country with rich diversity and a flexible education system. Every year, a large number of students enrol themselves in Chinese universities to study MBBS or any other medical degree. If you are also planning to study in China, apply for visa application and get ready to enjoy a luxurious academic lifestyle at affordable prices!

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