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Success on Google Shopping with Big Brain

Success on Google Shopping with Big Brain

Today, we deep dive into Fredrik Lindros’s presentation at the Redeye SaaS Seminar on how e-retailers can improve their success rate with Google Shopping with Speqta’s new Google Shopping optimization tool, Bidbrain, which launched in June 2021! Modern Consumer Shopping Behaviors The beginning of Fredrik Lindros’s presentation starts with a discussion on e-commerce.

In the video, he calls the e-commerce space the “modern battleground” for retailers. Stating that, now, people have more than one option when they want to buy something: Either they go to a mall or a store and buy a product directly OR they look up the product online. And the place that they go to do so? Is Google.

Fredrik drops more than enough statistics to prove this fact. The point here is that Google is the place to be if you want the right kind of interest in your products. Or, more specifically, Google Shopping, as Fredrik Lindros states that Shopping Ads earn approximately 65% of all clicks on Google Ads.

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How to Get on Google Shopping?
And so, okay. Point taken. Google Shopping is the place to be. But what next?

It’s a bidding auction and you pay per click,” he says to begin with. “That means that you’re promising to Google that you’ll pay ‘this much’ per click if your ad is able to end up there. And, of course, if a person clicks on that ad, you will pay that promised amount.” Simple enough, right? But the complication comes after when you’re trying to figure out just how much you’re willing to pay or how much is worth paying in order to have your items listed.

Fredrik breaks down the different strategies that modern e-retailers take as follows:
One Price for All! It’s not the most budget-friendly method, and neither is it great for long-term success, but it is an option.

Digital Agencies! Don’t want to do all the work yourself? Well, then the next strategy Fredrik Lindros introduces is to connect with digital agencies that will take care of your campaigns for you. This does mean losing out on control though! And, of course, you can’t be certain that they’ll be 100% on your side.

Artificial Intelligence! Having a machine do the thinking and calculating for you is another way to get the load off your shoulders if need be. The aforementioned, Bidbrain, the newest in Speqta’s line of AdTech products, is one. Others that you may have heard of are Bidnamic or UPP AI.
In his presentation, Fredrik Lindros states that the one to come on top of all this is the one that is the most “granular” with their bidding — the one that can make use of all their data to figure out the best way to win.

He points to those who use Artificial Intelligence as the ones having the advantage — the ones with the leg up over their competitors. And he claims that Bidbrain is exactly the right tool for the job to get this done. What does this mean? And is it true? Can Bidbrain really be the answer to ensuring success on Google Shopping?

Achieving Success on Google Shopping with Bidbrain™ With Google Shopping, it’s all about long-term success.

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