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Superstitions followed by professional players

Playing in casino games and online sports betting involves a lot of different aspects. Of course, luck is a big factor in this realm, as those who have tried the best IPL betting app provided by Parimatch can attest.

However, many people also have superstitions of their own that play different roles in their game. While some people can consider them to be absurd, there are many things that are no less interesting about this fact.


Here we will discuss some of the main superstitions that many professionals of different games and sports believe in mposurga.

Some superstitions can be quite bizarre

There are many athletes who perform different rituals or do different actions while they participate in a match or competition. Here we will describe some famous sportspeople and indicate the superstitions and rituals that they make. Let’s begin:

Serena Williams. Serena is a tennis super-star, nobody could deny that. However, probably an aspect that probably not too many people know is that whenever she plays a tournament she never changes her socks. In other words, she stays with the same socks throughout the entire tournament.

Only thinking about this can make our feet feel itchy. However, for Serena it seems that it has been quite a successful ritual, even if for the rest could be gross.
Larry Walker.

This famous baseball player apparently had some kind of fixation or even obsession with the number three. The most visible sign is that the shirts that he wore throughout his career had always featured the number 33. Not only that, because every time that he needs to change his phone number, he wants the company to assign him a number with as many threes as possible.

First of all, he won lots of tournaments, and also he represented Croatia in an excellent way in numerous tournaments. However, what many people probably didn’t know is that he avoided at all costs to step on the lines in the court. Also, he always waited for his rivals to stand up first during a change of side. But, there is an aspect that is even more obsessive.
Sergio Goycochea. The legendary Argentinian goalkeeper is remembered by many people from that country due to his fantastic saves.

It looks like this actually worked, since he saved so many penalties throughout his career.
There are lots of other superstitions and rituals that many players do while they face a match or before that. As it can be seen, some of them are weird, others might be funny, and others a bit gross.

Nevertheless, all these superstitions add an interesting extra ingredient to the already fascinating world of sports.

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