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Surrogate For a Family Member or Friend

Surrogate For a Family Member or Friend

Are you thinking about being a surrogate for a family member or friend? It is common to have questions and concerns as giving someone you care about the gift of life is an extraordinary commitment. The surrogacy process can be challenging, but intended parents may find it extremely helpful when someone close to them becomes their surrogate. The following details answer common questions about being a surrogate for a family member or friend.

Is It Possible to Become a Surrogate for My Family Member or Friend?

Learn surrogacy laws for your state to see if you can become a surrogate for a family member or friend. In many cases it’s possible you can carry their baby. It is essential to understand the legalities of the situation. Ensure there is trust, love, and understanding between you and the intended parents to encourage a healthy surrogacy journey.

Why Is an Agency Necessary If a Surrogate is Already Chosen?

A surrogacy agency assists with any challenges that may occur during the process. The agency offers support and resources to ensure successful surrogacy. These agencies help the surrogate and the intended parents to understand their options while providing guidance. They offer other services, including surrogate screening, and help coordinate the events before and after the baby is born.

I Want to Become a Surrogate for a Family Member or Friend: How Do I Start?

The surrogacy process takes time to complete, even if you’re a surrogate for someone you know well. Working with a surrogacy agency ensures you complete the process properly, including medical evaluations and establishing a legal contract. Talk to your family member or friend about you being their surrogate and ensure both parties are on the same page before proceeding.

I Feel Uncomfortable Taking Their Money: Do I Have to Accept It?

Some people feel so close to their family members or friends that they choose to become surrogate mother for them with no intention of getting paid. If you have a close connection to the intended parents, it is understandable that you may feel uncomfortable taking money from them. Not accepting payment could create emotional conflict on either or both sides, harming your relationship. The intended parents may feel like they owe you something for doing this for them. You may feel like they are being taken advantage of. It is recommended to discuss the matter with the intended parents and consider a monetary amount you both agree to and put it in writing with an attorney.

What are the Expectations of Being a Surrogate?

Before choosing to become a surrogate mother, make sure you are ready to commit. Even being a surrogate for someone you’ve known for years can change the relationship dynamics. While you may have a deep connection with the intended parents, emotions can run high and cause tension and conflict. Both parties will want what is best for the baby, but it helps to establish boundaries to keep disagreements to a minimum. If you’re working with a surrogacy agency, seek advice from the specialist when dealing with emotional challenges.

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