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Symptoms and remedies for fatty liver

Symptoms and remedies for fatty liver

Fatty liver is now a common problem. Because it makes life risky by silently rendering the liver useless. Earlier, fatty liver was more prevalent among urban dwellers but now it has spread to rural areas.

Our liver usually contains 3-4 pounds of fat. There is also some fat around the liver cells. If the amount of this fat is more than 10 percent, it is called fatty liver.
If not treated in time, the disease can become complicated and can lead to complications like liver cirrhosis. The liver usually absorbs 5 percent of the fat. If more than 5 percent of fat is stored, then we call it fatty liver.

If the fatty liver is normal, that is, if the liver enzymes are not released, if there is no inflammation in the liver, it is called normal fatty liver. However, inflammation of the liver from fatty liver is called stato hepatitis. That means he has inflammation due to fatty liver. Alcohol is a major cause of fatty liver disease.
In addition, if there is a problem with thyroid hormone, fatty liver can occur. Diabetes Overweight, eating fatty foods can cause fatty liver problems.

Earlier fatty liver was seen with very light eyes. However, now it is seen that the inflammation in the liver is slowly becoming fibrosis. That is, one of the hepatocytes in the liver is becoming fibrosis. Change is coming as a wound.

It cannot function normally. The spleen may be enlarged or the stomach may become watery. If the enzymes in the liver are high, you need to take medicine to reduce it. Otherwise, at some stage it becomes stato hepatitis and there is a risk of liver cirrhosis.

If the patient has diabetes, thyroid hormone problems, then he should be treated.

If you are overweight, you should avoid beef, mutton and egg yolks at night to reduce it. Must walk at least half an hour daily. So if there is a problem, it should be treated at the beginning.

Symptoms of fatty liver
Fatty liver is a very silent killer. Normal or fat people do not understand that way. He was caught doing ultrasonogram. Initially some fat accumulates around the liver, with no other symptoms. Then slowly the inflammation started there. At this time the liver is damaged. In the beginning the body loses strength and feels weak. Anorexia occurs. Outside of this there may be jaundice. Different parts of the body, eyes, face, hands may be yellow.

If this condition continues for a long time, water may accumulate in the hands and feet. Many times there is vomiting of blood. If left untreated, it can lead to liver cancer. When there is cancer, there is a wheel in the liver. The liver becomes enlarged and patients become weak or extremely weak. At this time the life expectancy of the patient decreases rapidly.

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