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Taliban are on the verge of regaining power in Afghanistan

Taliban are on the verge of regaining power in Afghanistan

After nearly two decades, the Taliban are on the verge of regaining power in Afghanistan. In many areas, they are fighting Afghan government forces. They are on their way to capture the capital Kabul. The Taliban have already reached only 30 miles from Kabul. Diplomats from various countries met in Doha, Qatar, on Thursday with representatives of the Afghan government and the Taliban. Many have reached Kabul in the hope of safe haven, taking refuge in roads, parks, and open spaces. The United States and the United Kingdom have begun sending new troops to Afghanistan. Several US troops arrived in Kabul yesterday.

The provincial capital is occupied by the Taliban

As of yesterday, the Taliban had seized 16 of Afghanistan’s 34 provincial capitals. According to Qatar-based Al Jazeera, Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second-largest city, and Herat, the third-largest city, are now under Taliban control. The newly occupied cities include Kalat, Terenkot, Puli-Alam, Firuz Koh, Kala-i-Nao, and Lashkar Gah. The capital of Logar province is Puli-Alam. The city is only 30 miles from Kabul. After capturing the provincial capitals, Taliban forces are now advancing with the goal of capturing Kabul.

Ordinary people are fleeing

Civilians are the victims of fighting between government forces and Taliban fighters. Thousands of people lost their homes in the war. Thousands of civilians are fleeing conflict-torn areas and cities to the capital, Kabul, in search of safety. The United Nations has called on neighboring countries to keep their borders open for displaced people.

They are living an inhuman life there. He told the BBC yesterday that he had reached Kabul with his family members only with his life. They have no meaning. Bread, children can’t even afford some medicines.

Multifaceted efforts to stop conflict

All sides in the talks demanded an effective political solution to the Afghan crisis. At the meeting, the Afghan government reportedly offered to share power with the Taliban to avoid escalating conflict. Al-Jazeera quoted a senior Afghan government official as saying on Thursday. No party has officially said anything about this yesterday. Taliban. He said Islamabad wanted a political solution to the Afghan crisis.

The United States and the United Kingdom are removing citizens

Realizing the situation in Afghanistan, the United States has taken steps to evacuate embassy staff and civilians from Kabul. According to the BBC, US troops have begun landing in Kabul to evacuate US citizens. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told a news briefing yesterday that airstrikes would continue to prevent the Taliban from advancing.

The Taliban themselves have said they will not attack any diplomatic establishment,” State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters. They will provide security and other assistance to British nationals in Afghanistan. He said he would take firm steps to protect his country’s interests in Afghanistan.

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