Tapswap released one more Cinema Code for July 7, Here’s how to use

Memes and Cryptocurrencies Tapswap Cinema Code July 7

Tapswap, one of the most popular Telegram Games has been released another one Cinema Code for July 7, 2024. Those people who need the rewards, must submit the Code on Memes and Cryptocurrencies tap. This will allow them to claim 200,000 coins as in-game rewards within a few minutes.

Memes and Cryptocurrencies Tapswap Code

Thousands of players who already claimed the Tapswap Cinema or Video Code today, Sunday (July 7) in morning, will be notified for the new one that released at 7 PM (GMT+6). If you are also one of them, so you can use the following code to unlock the rewards.

  • 4D80N74

Well, just open the game from your phone and go to the “Task” section. Then, select the “Cinema” option and type the given code.

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