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Taylor Swift's 'Midnight' without sleeping for 13 nights!

Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnight’ without sleeping for 13 nights!

America’s popular pop music star Taylor Swift won the MTV Video Music Award at Yankee Stadium in New York. The ‘Blank Space’ singer gave a hint of her new album at the event last Sunday and the fans erupted in excitement.

Jamakalo appeared on the occasion in a diamond studded dress. On the lips was a signature style dark red lipstick. Taking the award, he said that his new album ‘Mid Night’ is coming for fans on October 21 this year.

This is his new creation after spending 13 lonely nights. Taylor is making the audience think so much. Because after every heartbreak, Taylor makes a new song. He spent 13 nights without sleep again for the new album. Then the storm of heartbreak swept this beautiful singer again.

In Taylor’s words, guys, I’m extremely proud of what we’ve created. My new album is coming out. I will tell everyone more at midnight. So the audience is expecting that there will be many surprises in the album.

When the album is released on October 21, it will be Taylor’s tenth solo album. With that message of happiness, the golden-haired beauty Taylor Swift left the stage with the award to the cheers of the fans.

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