Tazito Garcia reveals the secret of making a low to no-budget film

Tazito Garcia reveals the secret of making a low to no-budget film

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Award-winning independent film director, Tazito Garcia, has released a book that reveals the secrets of how to make a low to no-budget film. Titled “How to make it from NO-to-WHOA budget”, the book is a “how-to” pocket guide for new filmmakers and content creators.  Recognizing that 2020 has been a tough year for the film industry, the author adds that all is not lost, as this pandemic has turned many into creators, writers, and filmmakers since work has been scarce. Tazito Garcia’s book shares many secrets on how to get started with limited resources and a non-existing budget. It’s a book with real-life examples, mishaps, and checklists to get the reader started on the filmmaking journey from script to screen. It’s also a partial story of how the author managed to accelerate his career as a filmmaker and performer.

The film book provides the reader with the basic insight, terminology, simple methods, and hacks into filmmaking from script to screen. The concepts shared are illustrated with real-life personal examples and experiences of real winning formulas that will push the boundaries of low-budget-films.

While appreciating that the smartphone phenomenon has changed the way the world captures moments, Tazito also recognizes the role that social networking apps and video-sharing platforms are playing in developing the film industry, especially during the pandemic. The author notes that these technological developments have encouraged this content creation era and made it a social norm. As a result, we live in one of the greatest filmmaking generations with the ability to conveniently access amazing means to make a movie any time.

The book gives actors, content creators, and others in the film industry insights on how to survive during the COVID era. It recommends applying the same methods of pro sports, where players enter a new “production bubble” and do not leave until the show is a wrap. Many have taken to creating their own work and slowly honing their new-found skills of writing and filmmaking. “When people ask me why I like action so much, I tell them because, without action, life would be all talk”, Tazito is quoted as saying. 

The book, which was released on December 15, 2020, is available on Amazon


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