Teaching The Pope: Prayer Is Not Easy. It Is A Joyful And Exhausting Battle

The pontiff affirms that the moment of prayer is not easy, which is why many of us “run” from prayer. He also talks about the other side of prayer, which is not always joyful, and sometimes also fatigue and annoyance and explains that for this reason it is often a “fight” in which we have to fight

Miria Bonilla – Vatican

Comfortable.” In fact, he said: “You can pray Like parrots – such, such and such – but this is not prayer. “

Almost complete, without reference points. “.

Catechesis lists a long line of enemies of prayer

Something that may be useful, but not real or necessary: ​​one can be a practitioner without being a believer. To be listened to according to our will; wounding our pride Which strengthens our unworthiness of sinners, the difficult acceptance of free prayer, etc. “

In the history of spirituality we find useful examples to this day

“It would be interesting to review at least some of these advice – he says – for example, the spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius de Loyola that teach how to arrange one’s life. It makes one understand that Christian vocation is a jihad, it is a decision to be under the banner of Jesus Christ. And not under the banner of Satan, trying to do good even when it becomes difficult. “

Francis also gives the example of Saint Anthony, the founder of Christian monasticism, in Egypt, who “faced horrific moments when prayer turned into violent fighting,” says the Pope. His biographer Saint Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria, relates that one of the worst events occurred to the holy hermit at the age of thirty-five, which is the crisis of middle age for many. Antonio was troubled by this test, but he resisted. When he finally returned to serenity, he addressed his Lord in an almost hurtful tone: “Where have you been? Why did you not come immediately to put an end to my suffering?” Jesus answered, “I was there, Antonio. But I was hoping to see you fighting.

These are just examples that the Pope wanted to convey encouragement, but the most important thing is to remember that Jesus is always with us: “If in a moment of blindness we cannot see his presence, we will succeed in the future.”

The liturgical memory of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima

After the catechesis, Pope Francis warmly welcomed the Poles, reminding that the liturgical memory of the Blessed Virgin Mary Fatima would be celebrated tomorrow. Francis said: “Let us place ourselves confidently, under her maternal protection, especially when we encounter difficulties in our life of prayer.”

Memory of the attack on Saint John Paul II

To the Immaculate Heart of Mary we entrust the Church, ourselves, and the whole world. We ask in prayer for peace, the end of the plague, and the spirit of repentance and our conversion. “

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