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Temporary Buildings for Low Cost Growth and Expansion

Temporary Buildings for Low Cost Growth and Expansion

With Government cuts and the VAT increase looming businesses are once again facing potential hard-times. Redundancies will stretch time and Temporary Buildings. Resources and increased costs will have to swallowed up in house or risk passing on to loyal customers.

More than ever the ability to remain healthy with growth, expansion and improvement will be essential to not only survive the coming storm, but come out heads above the rest.

As we all know industrial growth, expansion and improvement needs investment – time, money and commitment. What businesses really need right now is the ability to capitalise on commercial growth opportunities without any investment, high costs, commitment or risk.

This is where building ‘hire’ contracts are saving the day. The bigger the hire, the bigger the save and it doesn’t come much bigger than hiring and installing a temporary building on site. Businesses have been hiring commercial building space off site for many years but the ability to hire a temporary building on your own site is a relatively new concept.

Essentially what hiring a temporary buildings:

Structure will do for businesses is allow them to expand (and contract if circumstances change) their operation at the drop of a hat, spending far less than conventional methods and not a penny more than necessary.

New contracts that may or may not develop into something permanent can capitalised on without any risk. You might say that this kind of temporary growth could accommodated by hiring building facilities off-site but the efficiencies of this solution don’t match up. Transport, security and time costs all add up with staff moral potentially dropping another rung on the ladder. When every last drop of potential revenue needs to be wrung out of opportunities, the off-site solution won’t necessarily give the return needed.

A temporary building however keeps:

Tighter control of the expanded operation and storage of stock without entailing the additional security or transport costs. Traceability and lead times can kept tight and competitive ensuring new speculative contracts do turn into something more permanent.

Another factor that will greatly help businesses keep their heads. Above water is the rapid turnaround time for a temporary buildings. With the right temporary building or warehouse in stock an order can processed. A building delivered and installed in literally days. This remarkable time frame for creating the precise amount of additional building space needed on site means. Businesses can not only survive hard times but can experience the growth. Improvement and profits typically associated with times of prosperity. The competition will still be deliberating the options around the Board Room in the time. It takes to create additional space with a temporary building!

Such a quick and efficient response:

To accommodate unforeseen demand, new orders or contracts can only impress existing. Potential customers, creating confidence and reducing their risk factor. As it is customers who will also be feeling the pinch of cuts. Costs they cannot take any risks themselves. When it comes to remaining with existing suppliers or choosing new ones. This almost unbelievable turnaround is indisputable proof that any customer is in extremely capable hands!

if you are looking to hire buildings for your business Aganto have a wide selection of products. And payment options to suit you.

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