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That's what Mashrafe said about coming to the cricket board

That’s what Mashrafe said about coming to the cricket board

Former successful captain of Bangladesh Mashrafe bin Mortaza. He left the representation in Baishagaz for the country long ago. But supporters wanted to see him in a new guise. Everyone was hoping that the players would take the helm of the team. The Narail Express will once again take the team to new heights with the responsibility of the cricket board.

But this time Mashrafe disappointed the supporters. Krauber (October 29) appeared on The Tamim Iqbal Show and talked a lot about the failure of the Tigers in cricket and the ongoing World Cup. At one stage, Mashrafe also expressed reluctance to come to the board. Mash said he is happy with his personal life.

After beating strong Australia and New Zealand at home, the red-green team went to play the World Cup in the desert with high hopes. However, Bangladesh was virtually knocked out as the first team of the event to score a hat-trick. Bangladesh’s dream of playing in the World Cup with the dream of semi-final is now at least a victory.

Earlier, Mashrafe bin Mortaza pointed a finger at the coaching staff for not performing as expected on the world stage. Tiger coaches were practically put on the fence. However, in the meantime, there was talk that he has chosen the path of criticism to get his place on the board.

In this context, the former successful captain said


, “I want to clarify one thing, I did not want to speak against anyone. I’m just worried about the team. This is our team, I played in this team so I must have my comments. This is my personal opinion. I don’t want to attack anyone personally. ”

“I am not against the board,” Mashrafe said. Many may think that what I am saying now, the tone of the cricket board will actually change. I would like to say to them, I do not go to the tri-boundary of the cricket board, nor do I want to go. I have no desire to be personally associated with the BCB. ‘

However, despite his reluctance to join the board, Mashrafe has given a “green signal” to work with the team. On the live show, Tamim asked Mash if he wanted to be the team’s mentor if given the chance. In response to such a question, Mashrafe said, he cannot do anything in the interest of the country.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh failed to win the World Cup against Sri Lanka and the West Indies. They have lost the victory mainly due to fielding failure. Criticism has risen around the team in such a situation. Mashrafe also spoke about this.

He questioned the role of the fielding coach in the context of bad fielding. When Tamim asked Mashrafe for tips on how to improve his fielding, Mashrafe said, “We all need to be a little more courageous.” Fielding is a matter of courage. But I think in the current context, social media should be banned for all players from the beginning to the end of any tournament. Although I couldn’t do it in my time. However, strict rules should be made by the BCB in this regard. Because at the end of the match, there is pressure from social media on these issues. Cricketers are attacked there. Cricketers cannot accept these. As a result, it should be done. ‘

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