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The Benefits of Intranet

The Benefits of Intranet Media Harnessing

Media is an important tool within your business intranet and can be embeddboth right on the homepage, or addthrough a video or picture library. The Benefits of Intranet to including intranet media, such as photos, intranet videos, and podcasts, on your corporate intranet.

The Benefits of Intranet Media that Engages Your Users

Traditional methods of communication typically come in the form direct dialog or writing. Of course, these methods of communication do have their place in the business world today, and will continue to have their place for the foreseeable future. While there are various writing strategies which will help make this written content more appealing, an intranet offers the opportunity to give employees a break from text and deliver information in a meaningful, more media-rich format.

One example includes replacing a traditional text-driven CEO blog with a CEO vlog (intranet video blog). Forget the break from text, think about what a vlog can do for your intranet user adoption rates and employee morale. Commitment from the top improves internal communication and is necessary for adequate adoption of your employees.

There is no better way than for the ‘top’ to communicate and speak directly through the intranet than through a video blog. Reading good news is great, but seeing and hearing an individual deliver the good news is even more effective in improving your employee engagement and enhancing intranet adoption.

Where possible, introducing different intranet media formats as options for information being deliverthroughout your intranet may play favorably with your staff.

Reduce Training Overhead with Intranet Media

Intranet videos can play a large role in reducing overhead for your training and IT departments. This adds up to significant time-cost savings. Rather than booking multiple training rooms, pre-record training sessions and classes, offer these pre-recordtraining intranet videos within your video library. Your intranet then becomes the meeting room.

Employees have the ability to attend the pre-recordtraining session at a time most convenient for them. Even confirm that they’ve attendusing features such as Read Confirmation. Allowing the training manager to follow up with employees that have confirmas having attendthe session. And ensure that there are no lingering questions or confusion.

Training follow-up may be done through an employees message wall within their profile. Where supervisors can leave comments and questions for employees bason the video. Alternatively, supervisors can create tests on their intranet. To test employees on what they’ve learnthrough the training videos. Even create surveys right on their intranet to gauge how well of an effect the training video had on them. This can reduce a lot of the overhead associatwith a training manager booking rooms. Attending multiple sessions and addressing the same questions over the span of multiple training sessions.

The Benefits of Intranet Help Desk Tickets & Support

IT departments are often looking for a quick way to share knowledge about resolutions that can be applito common problems. IT departments have the ability to leverage their FAQ articles area to create articles. That include videos outlining the steps on how to fix specific problems.

Often times the processes put in place by the IT team aren’t followprecisely which leads to additional help desk calls. Documenting solutions in intranet video format are often easier to follow for a lot of employees. Which may help IT reduce the number of help desk. Tickets and calls receivdue to lengthy procedures being appliincorrectly.

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