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The benefits of jumping rope

The benefits of jumping rope

You can’t find people who didn’t play rope jumping as a child. But nowadays jumping rope is known as a great exercise. There are very few alternatives to jump rope to maintain good health, lose weight and sweat.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. This is called a good cardio and high intensity interval training
2. There is no pair of it to shed body fat. Skipping is able to burn more calories than running. One hour of skipping consumes 1300 calories
3. It will help to tone the muscles
4. This exercise will balance the limbs running together, as well as the movement of other limbs of the body. So all athletes practice skipping
5. This is an important exercise in maintaining body balance
. It will work out full body. It is very effective in stretching the Thai. Even the hand muscles
. Tighten the hip muscles

. Studies have shown that skipping creates less pressure on the joint than running. So skipping is better known as running than running
9. Since skipping results in a heart beat first. So you do not have to do cardio vascular exercises separately
10. This exercise helps increase bone density, thus reducing the risk of osteoporosis.
11. Laziness surrounds him thinking he has to run outside most of the time. However, if you have a rope at hand, you do not have to go out of the house. So bad weather is no longer an obstacle in your fitness routine. It is the cheapest way to exercise. If only there was a rope
12. You do not have to be perfect to do this exercise. Everyone from beginners to advanced can do it
13. You can also keep the skipping rope in your hand bag so you will never miss your exercise routine

Things to remember before skipping or jumping rope:

1. Buy a good quality rope
2. Many say that skipping barefoot is good. It is also good for many foot problems. But suddenly skipping barefoot can cause pain. So it is better to skip after sports shoes
3. Skipping should be done after good quality sports bras for girls especially for adult girls
4. Skipping slowly at first and gradually increasing the speed
5. Do skipping in equal places. Wooden floor is good
. This is a high intensity exercise so warm up is very important. First you must warm up for 5 minutes

How many types of skipping or rope jump?

1. Double jump: The most popular skipping style, with more speed exercises and more calorie burning.
2. Cross Jump: Intensive skipping style, but sometimes you have to take a break
3. Jumping on one leg: This is advanced skipping, so it should be done by practicing double jump or cross jump. It requires more balance

Does skipping damage the uterus?

It is often heard that skipping or rope jumping exercises should not be done by girls, as it causes the uterus to go down.
The uterus can go down only when the ligaments that hold the uterus inside the body become much weaker and cannot hold the uterus in place. There are several reasons why these ligaments may become weak in general.
1. If there is damage to the ligaments around the uterus during normal pregnancy or normal delivery
2. Normal gravity
3. Taking very heavy muscle damage year after year
4. Lack of estrogen hormone

It may seem that ‘heavy muscle damage’ is caused by jumping rope. But according to the American Council of Exercise, rope jumping does not put more pressure on the body than light jogging. Even fit women can jump rope according to the doctor’s advice as a light exercise during pregnancy. Under normal circumstances, there is no question of risk.

According to fitness experts and doctors, jumping rope does not cause any harm to the body in any case.

In case of uterine damage, doctors advise to be more careful with simple tasks such as jumping rope, lifting heavy objects, lowering them, and climbing stairs too fast.

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