The Best Free ExpressVPN Services For WordPress Users



VPN is in great demand these days for privacy and security purposes. The full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network. It is used to protect and secure the data of a particular network. If you are struggling to find the best VPN services, you must check the Free express VPN. Here, you will get to know about some of the best VPN services for WordPress users.

Brief Information About VPN

A VPN is used to secure your data, identity, and internet connection from any type of cyber breach. Sometimes, if you use any public network, it may give hackers access to your device. They can hack your device and use information from your social media, credit cards, bank details, or even your identity cards. This can also happen if you are using your private network. ExpressVPN helps you to prevent all these issues. It secures your private network with encryption and only you can access your data.

If you are a WordPress website owner, you must use a VPN as it will prevent any kind of cyber breach. The use of a VPN will automatically improve your WordPress security.

The Working Of VPN

Your internet traffic travels through servers and spreads across the world. These servers can be hacked and hackers can track all your activity. Basically, VPN will create a private network in which the internet will flow only between your computer and the VPN server. The following are the points that will help you to understand the process:

  1. When you search for a website from your system, your VPN client will encrypt your request to access the website and send it to the server.
  2. Then the VPN requests access from the website destination and then encrypts that data before sending it to your system. 

This way VPN helps you to keep your network secure from hackers.

The Key Features Of A VPN Service

You can find a bunch of VPN services everywhere but not all of them provide the best quality of security, service, and ease to use. Some of the key features are given below.

1. Privacy And Security

A VPN service must provide many layers of secure encryption to protect your information. There must not be any breach and privacy and security should be the first priority of any VPN service provider. 

2. Location And Servers

More the number of servers in each location, the more choices you will get. This means that you can choose servers of different countries from different IP addresses. Even if your one server is slower then you can switch to a faster server.

3. Bandwidth And Speed

A VPN service must have a large bandwidth to support the faster connection of all the users. Otherwise, this may lead to slower servers hence, data will take a lot of time to transfer from server to the system. 

4. Easy To Use

VPN Apps must be easy to use so that even if a user does not have any technical skills, they can also connect quickly and change their IP address.

All of the information given above can help you to find the best VPN service provider for your WordPress website. Some of the best VPN service providers are listed below:

The Best VPN Service Providers

1. IPVanish

This is one of the most popular VPN service provider companies. They provide easy-to-use VPN services that can also be used by a person who does not have any technical skills. This way you can easily connect to your secure private network. They have apps available VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS, and android. 

They have a network of 40k+ IP addresses and 750+ VPN servers in 60 different countries. This will allow you to choose from a wide range of VPN servers from different countries and regions. 

It is also faster than a lot of other VPN service providers. They have a robust network and bandwidth capacity and brilliant infrastructure. They encrypt all the networks with 256-bit AES encryption technology. This allows for point-to-point connection with no bandwidth caps. They will never keep a record of your internet activities.

They may charge relatively higher than other VPN services i.e, $6.99 per month.

2. StrongVPN

They are also one of the top VPN service providers. They have VPN servers across 24+ countries and 47 cities. They also offer the highest industry encryption with no bandwidth caps. Along with all of this, they also offer StrongDNS service. It allows you to bypass censorship without using encryption or reducing your speed. 

They also have apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and android as well. These apps are easy to set up and use. You can also connect to multiple devices using a single account. Their starting price is $5.83/month.

3. NordVPN

It is a very popular network with 760+ server locations in 58 countries worldwide. It is very easy to use apps on which you can connect easily and switch your IP address from one geographic location to another without revealing your identity.

It is very secure as it provides a high industry encryption technology with double-layer encryption. It also allows the P2P network with no bandwidth or download caps. This makes it secure to use even on public Wi-Fi hotspots. They will never save your activity as well. Also, they have an inbuilt automatic kill switch i.e, if your network drops your privacy and security will not be compromised. Their price range starts from $5.75/month.

4. ExpressVPN

This is a very strong VPN service with a network of 145 locations in 94 countries. They also provide industry-standard encryption. It is very easy to use apps for all platforms and devices. You can connect to 3 devices at a time with the same account and you can jump from one geo-location to another for an unlimited number of times. It also allows a P2P connection without compromising the speed. Its starting range is $8.25/month.

5. OverPlay

It is a popular VPN service with 650+ servers across 70+ locations in 50 countries. It offers industry-standard encryption with a zero-log policy. They also have SmartDNS along with VPN. They also provide an unlimited P2P connection. Their price range starts from $8.33/month for VPN+DNS service.


This was a handpicked list of the best VPN service providers for WordPress users. You can trust them blindly with all your security and privacy services.

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