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The body of the wife and child was lying on the bed, the husband was hanging in the backyard

Police recovered the bodies of the couple and their children from a house in Ashira, Dhaka. Police believe the man committed suicide after choking his wife and child in a family quarrel.

The bodies of my mother and daughter lay in bed. And her husband’s body was hanging in the garden.
The deceased was identified as Sabur Ali (30 years old), his wife Rozina Akhter (28 years old), and his daughter Sumaiya Akhter (9 years old). Her home is in Kurigram’s Furubari Upajira.

The family lived in a rented tin house in the Jamgarbatara district of Ashira. Login worked in a clothing factory. Sabur was used to drive an auto-rickshaw. Smyre was studying at her local madrassa.
According to sources at the Ashira Police Department,

Rosina Actel bought an auto-rickshaw a few days ago with a loan from an NGO from her husband, Sable Ali.
The couple quarreled about this. After the family did not receive a reply for two days, neighbors looked through the sheet metal gaps in the house on Saturday night and saw Sable Ali hanging. Around 9 pm, police recovered three bodies.
Argentina Actel, wife of Samburu Ali’s brother, who lives in the same area, said: In that house. From the crack in the can, I saw my husband, Sable Ali, hanging from the ladder.

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