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coordinated in London

“The Dhakai Muslin Story” was coordinated in London

Quite a while back, Dhaka muslin was the most costly texture on the planet.

The account of the resurrection of muslin fabric started in October 2014 when Prime Minister Sheik Hasina taught Bangladeshi scientists to save innovation to bring back the lost muslin custom.

It features the remarkable drive of Prime Minister Sheik Hasina and her outcome in resuscitating the greatness of Dhaka Muslin.

Saida Muna Tasnim, Acting High Commissioner of Bangladesh High Commission in London, said, “We began the muslin project in 2014 under the administration of Prime Minister Sheik Hasina and she introduced it in 2016. This is his visionary drive. Feature it. Through this, different foundations, establishments, and exhibition halls, for example, Victoria Museum, one of the British Museums that came to the UK, we needed to present to them the lost legacy of Dhaka Muslin, yet the current government has brought it back. The point is to transform Dhaka Muslin into a worldwide brand and sell it in various regions of the planet.

Saiful Islam, a colleague of Bengal Muslim, said, “Really when we began the work, the public authority organizations that were there couldn’t take the right drive.   The Prime Minister’s support has helped us a ton.

English specialists and experts accept that muslin could recover its worldwide portion of the overall industry and solid position.

“I believe a lovely texture we’ve generally expected,” said Sonia Ashmore, a British specialist and creator of muslin. Individuals ought to comprehend how significant it is.

Bangladesh Textile and Jute Minister Golam Dastagir Gazi participated in the occasion as the virtual boss visitor. A narrative made by the Bangladesh High Commission after the restoration of muslin was displayed in the course.

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