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The Differences Between East And West In Terms Of Culture

When we talk about cultures we usually think about the differences between the Western and the Eastern world. The two worlds may have many similarities but there are some noticeable differences.

The Eastern and Western cultures have contrasting societal structures and the main difference between them is the degree of industrialization.

Western culture and Eastern culture difference are markedly different in many ways.

While people from the east may be honest they value piety and tact over honesty.

Eastern and Western cultures are very different in valuing family and social relationships.

The Eastern world tends to be more traditional and the people are more likely to show respect for elders.

A common observation among Western interns in Singapore is that the former are more tolerant of different faiths and beliefs.

Language & Religious Practices

While Western cultures are more progressive and liberal the Eastern world has a much more conservative religion. You can learn about each other’s traditions and values.

Traditions & Customs

For example the West is more openminded while the eastern countries are more conservative.

In addition both cultures are very different in their attitudes and behaviors.

The Eastern world is more traditional and conservative emphasizing traditions and customs while the Western is more lenient and modern.

While the east has a more progressive outlook it is still far from ideal. The westerners are more openminded and forthright while the easterners prefer to maintain harmony in their relationships.

While the westerners are more independent easterners have a more traditional society.

For example easterners are more likely to hire lowerclass workers than their western counterparts.

Likewise westerners are more likely to give preference to the individual over the family and do not practice arranged marriages.

The western world is more openminded than the eastern world. People in the western world are more openminded than their counterparts in the east.

For example if a couple has a child they will usually kiss to express gratitude.

While some people in the east consider such topics taboo they are generally more candid in the West. Some western cultures are more conservative than others but the differences are significant.

Final Thoughts:

People in the West are more openminded than their counterparts in the east. For example westerners are more likely to be open to others and westerners are more open about their feelings.

While some eastern countries practice arranged marriages most westerners do not.

The western world also values the individual over the family The differences between the two types of culture are vast.

If you want to learn more about these differences in terms of religion check out these books!

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