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The first ever pill to treat symptomatic Covid-19

The procedure to produce Molnupiravir the first ever pill to treat symptomatic Covid-19, developed by US drug companies Merck and the Ridgeback Biotherapeutics has begun in Bangladesh. A number of top local pharmaceutical companies have applied for the recipe approval of Directorate General of Drug Administration DGDA to produce the drug.

The DGDA has already given the approval to some companies. Others will get it too, said sources, including officials from the companies.

If allowed by the drug authorities, the companies can supply the pill to the market, said the sources.

Experts observed this as an important progress in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Among them, only Eskayef, Square, Incepta, Acme and Renata have the UK-MHPRA standard medicine production plants.

On November 4, the United Kingdom Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority (UK-MHPRA) approved the medicine for therapeutic use.

This development will create interest among people on Covid-19 medicines, in line with vaccines.

Medicine experts observed the initiative to produce Covid-19 drug locally as an important event.

“This is a big event at the time of a pandemic.

An official of a pharmaceutical company said any adult Covid-19 patient has to take four Molnupiravir capsules twice a day. The cost of each capsule may be around Tk 70.

This will help prevent the severity of the illness and hospital admission.

After 39 years of searching for the lost ring

A seven-year-old child received the ring and delivered it to the owner’s wife.
The incident took place in the Midwestern state of North Dakota in the United States.

Walking around the lake, the child sees something glistening under the clear water. As you can see, it’s an old ring.

Its real owner is Kerry Helm. He played basketball for McCluskey High School. He got the ring from the school on that occasion.

Tovin quizzed him to make sure he had tracked down the rightful owner.

He graduated from the College of Charleston with a degree in business administration.

That setback didn’t stop a reunion 39 years in the making. A few days after Phillips’ operation, Tovin met Phillips in the hospital. With his family by his side, Phillips sat in a hospital chair.

Get it fast. Unfortunately, Kerry died five years ago.

Robin Rose handed over the ring to Charlie Helm, Kerry Helm’s widow.

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