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The five best careers in cybersecurity

The risk and dangers are also growing as the digital medium’s growth is increasing daily. The World Economic Forum (WEF) has named cyber-attacks the fourth biggest global concern, with data breaches becoming the fifth. That is why companies and organizations are looking to hire cyber security experts, giving you the idea that nowadays, cyber security is the most in-demand profession.

It has to be considered the best news for individuals seeking a career in cyber security. The cyber-security experts are individuals who possess a unique set of skills with capabilities that solve the problem with abilities and knowledge. Here are the five most in-demand jobs in the cyber-security profession.

  1. Threat hunter

In this job role,experts who have command over threat intelligence have new ways to solve existing problems by identifying attackers that can breach real-time security mechanisms. As an expert, know that your job will transition from a purely reactive investigative process to a proactive one, where you must uncover crime footprints solely based on developing intelligence.

To sum it up, as a threat hunter, you will have to identify security threats that traditional detection systems have not found.

  1. Red Teamer

As a red teamer,you will have to look at problems and situations from the point of view of an attacker. The expert has to look for ways to improve the Blue Team; that will only happen when you test and measure a company’s problem detection and response strategy and the procedures, they have to involve to tackle it using different technological tools.

As a red teamer, you should have a comprehensive view of the company’s preparation by doing an actual cyber-attack to test the defenders, not only the defenses.

  1. Digital Forensics Analyst

In this job, you will apply your digital forensic skills to investigate a cyber-attack in your organization. To become an expert in this job, you will analyze the system or digital mediums that are compromised to attack your data and determine what will happen. A person with Digital command over forensics will be able to get the footprints of cyber-attackers that physical forensic data may not be able to include.

You are the detective who will search computers, smartphones, networks, and cloud data to look for evidence of a cyber-attack.

  1. Security Architect & Engineer

In this job, you will have to design, implement and combine numerous network-centric and data-centric controls to prevent problems by analyzing security detection technologies. As a security expert, you will be an architect and engineer that will develop companies defense system by making a security layer at every level.Apart from making security architects, you will also look out for balancing the business and technical requirements of your company’s cybersecurity needs.

  1. Cyber Security Engineer/Analyst

This job is one of the highest-paying jobs in the cyber-security profession;however, you might need a specific skill set that is more advanced than you know. Your threat detection skill should be highly competent;you should also be proactive in threat analysis and protection. You will also make strategies and plans your organization needs when an attack is successful. Cyber attackers are constantly evolving and using new tools and strategies to break the data. Therefore, you should stay up to date about the tools and techniques to make a strong defense.

Looking for a professional to help you find the best role in cyber-security will be best. The best professional in cyber security is Anton Iagounov.

Iagounov is a Security Specialist, Investigator, and Cybersecurity Researcher with over 18 years of experience. He was a musician and was into hip-hop, but somewhere in his life, he decided to become a security expert.

That is why after high school, he got his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and pursueda career in cyber-security.Then, in 2016, he got his big break. He was invited to test out for the Correctional Officer Trainee position for the Nevada Department of Corrections, specifically at Nevada’s only maximum-security prison, which is located in Ely, Nevada. He first passed the physical fitness test, then the written exam, then an interview with a panel, and lastly, the drug screening and fingerprints required to start a background check with the Nevada State and the FBI. Again, he was successful in all of these steps.

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