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The Most Strong and the Weak Organ of Our Body – The Heart

The Most Strong and the Weak Organ of Our Body – The Heart

Understanding our heart.

Our heart is one of the most important organs in the human body. The heart is vaguely in the size of a large fist. Its location is in between the lungs.  Just behind and slightly left of the breastbone. 

It pumps blood throughout our body. It takes the blood through the veins and sends it to the lungs where the blood is replenished with oxygen-rich blood through the various arteries to the rest of the body.

Our heart is made up of three tissue layers.

1) Epicardium

2) Myocardium

3) Endocardium


It is the inner layer of the pericardium. The pericardium has outer and inner coats. It acts as a protection for the heart and the vessels that are big. They act as lubrication with the aim of reducing the friction between the heart and the other surrounding structures. 

It is the layer that is immediately outside the heart muscle. It is the connective tissue that covers the entire heart. The Epicardium cells possess the potential to restore the myocardium and vasculature. The outgrowth of the cell’s pericardial organ derives from the Epicardium. 


This has two other names, 

• Heart muscle

• Cardiac muscle

There are three vertebrate muscles. One of the three is the myocardium. The other two are Skeletal and smooth muscles. They contain and safeguard the main tissue of the walls of the heart. It is also the muscular layer of the heart. 

It is made up of cardiac muscles. They develop from the visceral layer which is of the lateral plate. It stays in contact with the endocardial tube. It’s the middle layer of the cardiac wall. They make up the thickest layer of the heart wall.


It is the innermost layer of tissue that comes after the epicardium and the myocardium. It provides protection to the chambers of the heart and to the valves of the heart. Its texture is thin and smooth. It gives a glistening appearance to the heart’s inner surface. It is continuous with the lining membrane of the blood vessels that are large.

What are the diseases that can affect the heart?

Heart diseases are also called Cardiovascular diseases. Our heart is like a house. It involves works like Plumbing. As for this, there can be a problem with the arteries and veins. The walls are the structural element, squeezing can become a problem. It has an electrical system, there can happen a problem with the rhythm or the electric conduction. 

The built-up cholesterol inside will create problems relating to arteries. It can lead to heart attacks. It can also damage heart muscles. A simple problem in the muscle can lead to many different types of conditions. They weaken and reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of the pumping function of the heart.  

The problem of the rhythm also has many variations. Mostly, it will lead to a change in the speeds of the beats. They perform surgeries if they have to in a very well manner. They can lead to the causing of symptoms of heart problems. 

Hospitals diagnose the problems in your heart and analyze them. They provide you with apt solutions. The best heart hospitals in Bangalore can be trusted. There are other best hospitals in Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Mumbai, and many other places.

Problems caused

  1. Coronary heart disease: This happens when there is damage or effect of disease in the major blood vessels of the heart. 
  2. High blood pressure: It is also called hypertension. In this condition, the force of the blood will be too high against the walls of the artery.
  1. Cardiac arrest: The unexpected loss of the functioning of the heart, breathing, and consciousness will lead to cardiac arrest. 
  1. Excessive use of alcohol and tobacco can lead to dangerous heart diseases.
  1. Intake of drugs is very harmful to the heart
  1. Diabetes also leads to heart problems
  1. If you’re born with heart defects, then it will be in genes. 

How can we take care of the heart and how important is it?

•Take a healthy heart diet. 

•Lose weight if you know you are overweight. 

•DO NOT, at any cost, use tobacco.

•Say NO to Alcohol and try to avoid using anything related to it. 

•Check your blood pressure and blood sugar regularly.

•Lessen the use of salt in your diet.

•Eat a lot of fish

•Try to stay active for the whole day

•Try cutting back on the sugar usage.

•Fill yourself up with more fruits

•Exercise a lot.

•Consume berries, avocados, dark chocolate, whole grains, beans, walnuts, spinach, and greens. 

•Get more sleep

•Be flexible

•Physical activities to improve strength.

The best heart hospitals in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mumbai all provide the best experience of recovery possible.

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