The name is being changed to Facebook

The name is being changed to Facebook

The place where far-reaching news is available right now is the social media Facebook. There are many emotions, love, happiness and sorrow involved with this Facebook name. For those who have been through this from the beginning, the name Facebook seems to be ingrained in their hearts. This time, the Facebook authorities are planning to change the 18-year-old name.

The Verge quoted a source involved in the name change as saying on Tuesday (October 19th).

The idea is that this change may come next week. Facebook’s new name may be Metavers. Basically, the initiative to change the name of Facebook is to restructure themselves.

According to Verge’s report, every year Facebook holds a conference with their employees called ‘Connect’.

The name Metaverse means a virtual world. Where you can connect with the world through the Internet. This world is a digital combination with reality. Users will feel more alive in this world as they develop through virtual reality or augmented reality.

Meanwhile, Facebook has recently given a new notification to many users.

According to the notification, the account will be locked if a feature called ‘Facebook Protect’ is not turned on or turned on by October 28. After receiving the notification, the question arose among the users, what is Facebook Protect and how does it cause.

In this regard, it has been said on the Facebook website that they are bringing a new feature called Facebook Protect to give extra security to the Facebook account. It is a voluntary (optional) program that will give additional protection to the accounts of election candidates, their campaigns and elected representatives.

The program was originally created to protect the Facebook and Instagram accounts of candidates in the United States and Germany during the election. It was later introduced in Canada. However, in 2021, it will be supplied to other countries in the world. Facebook said that the update in this regard will also be informed through Facebook.

As reported by Facebook about this new feature, your account is likely to reach many people. That’s why you need strong security. With this new feature it is possible to further strengthen the use of security.

When launching Facebook Protect, go to the Learn More option to find out more about why Facebook Protect is important.

That said, hackers are always interested in accounts that have a lot of followers, that manage important pages, or that have community significance. Facebook has requested the launch of this advanced security program to prevent such targeted attacks or intentional attacks.

According to Facebook’s website, those who will be able to turn on this feature will be able to find out through Facebook. They can go to settings and turn on Facebook Protect by logging in to Security and.

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