The risk of heart attack is higher in winter, whatever you do to survive

The risk of heart attack is higher in winter, whatever you do to survive

It’s getting a little cold. And whether it is winter or not, various problems seem to increase. The risk of heart attack is also strong. At this time, for whom do you know the risk of death from heart attack?

In most cases, many people go to the bathroom after waking up in the winter morning and have a heart attack. But why? There are many reasons behind this. What precautions must be taken to avoid this danger?

Studies have shown that the risk of heart attack increases with the onset of asthma and arthritis in winter compared to summer. Experts say that due to the change of weather in winter, our body also undergoes various changes. As the temperature decreases, so does the need for oxygen in the heart and blood circulation. Many times our heart does not get enough oxygen. In addition to this, multiple problems including blood pressure and cholesterol also occur. So a healthy and controlled lifestyle is very necessary to avoid the risk of heart attack at this time.

According to experts, the body’s blood vessels constrict to cope with the cold, which lowers the skin temperature and raises blood pressure in the arteries. This can lead to shivering, increased metabolic rate, and even heart attack, experts say. Most healthy people can cope with this change, even tolerate it. But those who have a tendency to accumulate cholesterol or fat in the coronary arteries have an increased risk of heart attack during this time. Winter respiratory infections and influenza also increase the risk of heart attack.

During this time, due to the cold weather, there is less exercise and hard work, which also increases the risk of heart disease. The results of a study of 260,000 patients have been published at the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Barcelona. Those who have a weak heart need to be extra careful during the winter.

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For this, do not stand up suddenly after waking up. And it must be adhered to throughout the winter. Get up slowly and sit up in bed for a while and then get up. Do not jump up immediately after waking up.

In winter, remove the warm cover of the body, keep the body at a normal temperature and then get down from the bed. Because if the blood flow in the body is normal, you should leave the bed. Getting out of bed after waking up suddenly reduces blood flow to our brain and can lead to heart attacks due to lack of oxygen.

Stay away from the cold, especially in winter. Taking a bath in cold water in the morning in a hurry can cause problems. So first go to the bathroom and pour water on your feet. Then give water all over the body.

In addition to regular exercise. You need to make small changes in your routine to avoid the morning cold or fog. To keep the heart healthy, you need to eat antioxidant rich food i.e. fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants. Drinking water and eating salt should also be taken into consideration. Because drinking too much salt and water can cause problems. It is important to stop smoking, exercise regularly, eat fruits, control sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol levels.