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The stadium was built to be demolished!

The stadium was built to be demolished!

A stadium is being built for demolition. Even though it is not a stadium, there will be World Cup football matches. It will be disbanded immediately after the Qatar World Cup. And any new installation will be made with that broken part. That being said, Dohar Rush is about Abu Abu Stadium. The report tells the story of the first temporary stadium in World Cup history.

Doha is a city on the shores of the Persian Gulf. In a region that once had no sign of life, it is now one of the best industrial areas in the Middle East. The capital of Qatar, a city full of variety and color.

The Middle East’s oil-rich country is hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup. They have decorated their city in various colors to showcase their culture to human civilization. For which money has been spent like water. Brazil and Russia are 15 times more than the World Cup. The budget for the construction of the stadiums alone was one trillion US dollars. The amount in Bengali rupees is 75 thousand crore rupees.

The stadiums have one theme after another. However, the design and construction style of Dohar Rush Abu Abud Stadium surprised everyone. This aesthetic facility has been made with 964 shipping containers on the outskirts of Doha port.

However, the stadium will be demolished soon after the World Cup. Are you surprised? Yes, that is the reality. Rush Abu Abud Stadium, the first building in the world to be demolished.

Even if the external infrastructure is made with shipping containers, its structure will stand on steel. Removable seats will be installed. At the end of the match which can be opened easily. The installation will set a new milestone for sustainable development in the Middle East.

Environmentalist said. “It’s a new idea for us,” said Tala’s Sahasuvarolu. The whole structure is being made with recycled equipment. At the end of the World Cup will be completely broken. But nothing will be wasted. It’s a great thing when it comes to sustainable development and the environment. ”

There is no shortage of craftsmanship in the stadium as it will be demolished. The arena is built on the history and heritage of Dohar Port City. Since each container is a different color, the children’s building blocks will look like toys from the outside. And very easily, later they can be used for any new installation.

Dr. Tala’s Sahasuvarolu added, “We have never done such a thing on such a large scale before. The experience of a few minor ones is useful here. We can use the whole installation elsewhere. We have already made that plan. ‘

Until the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup, seven matches will be played at the Rush Abu Abud Stadium.

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