The Times On The Ceiling: 5 Great Projection Clocks You Need

The Times On The Ceiling: 5 Great Projection Clocks You Need

Mornings are hard. Make them less difficult on yourself by investing in a bedside clock that displays the time on the ceiling.

Imagine only having to open your eyes and look to the roof to see what time it is. No more rolling over after you’ve finally found a comfortable sleeping position only to never find that cozy spot again. No longer will you have to frantically search for your phone to find the time. 

Projection clocks are great because, as the name suggests, they project the time right onto your ceiling. All you’ll need to do in the midst of your sleepy stupor is open your eyes and look to your roof.

Keep reading to find our list of the best protection clocks on the market today.

1. Magnasonic 

Magnasonic makes the best projection clock money can buy. This handy device features a clock radio with a large LCD display. Dim the display to adjust it to the right brightness for your needs.

The clock automatically adjusts during daylight savings, so you’ll never need to worry about being late or early to work during the time change. You can also program your daily alarms and even set it so the alarm won’t go off on the days you don’t work.

Hook up your favorite device using the AUX input or let your favorite AM or FM radio station lull you to sleep.


Available in white or black

Restores alarm settings if the power goes out

Alarm options include the traditional alarm buzzer or your favorite radio station

Affordable price tag

Displays temperature


Blue display may not be as bright as expected 

2. Elehot

Elehot brings an affordable and effective bedside clock to the table. This product allows you to set two different alarms at the same time and provides seven different tones for you to choose from.

Does the classic alarm buzz give you a panic attack in the morning? Why not wake up to piano sounds, birds singing, or seagulls instead? You can also set your morning alarm so it’s the radio that wakes you up for work. 

The USB output on the back allows you to charge your smartphone or other devices. This handy feature will help cut down on the number of cords you have plugged into your wall outlet.


Adjustable screen brightness

Adjustable projection focus

Easy-to-red LED screen

FM radio

Choose between 12H or 24H time display


Can be difficult to find the right brightness setting

3. Sicsmiao

The next clock looks a little different than some of the others on our list. This fantastic option from Sicsmiao is more futuristic looking like it’s something straight out of a sci-fi movie. If you’re looking for an aesthetic clock alarm, this is it.

This uniquely shaped clock features 180-degrees of adjustable projection. It uses a soft red color to project the time onto your roof or bedroom wall. 

One of the best aspects of the Sicsmiao is its sunrise feature. When you activate this feature, your clock will expose you to a gradually increasing light 30 minutes before your alarm goes off. This wake-up light is meant to help bring you out of your sleep gently so you can start your day off on the right foot. 

Studies show that gradual daylight exposure in the morning can support a healthier cortisol response throughout the day. 


Dual alarm function

Seven different alarm sounds

Includes FM radio

Unique design


Steep learning curve to understand all the functions

4. La Cross Technology

The next option on our list is this fantastic all-in-one clock from La Cross Technology.

This device not only tells you the time but also the indoor and outdoor temperatures. Now you won’t even need to look out the window to determine what the weather will be like in the morning. You can have the time only, time and temperature, or just temperature on display. 

The clock features a 90-degree rotating arm to help you find the exact right position for the time on your ceiling or wall. The bright and vivid 1.25-inch LCD screen makes reading the time easy, especially for groggy morning eyes. 

It also has a USB charging port on the back to make charging your devices simple. 


Choose from 12H or 24H time display

Alarm crescendos

Low battery indicator

Tells the temperature indoors or outdoors


Projected numbers are quite small

5. Mpow

Last up on our list is the slim profile projection clock from Mpow. This beautiful design features an extra-large five-inch LED screen. You can adjust the brightness with the convenient dimmer slider for a custom display, depending on your needs. 

The clock features dual alarms so you can set your wake-up time to be different from your partners. Choose between five different alarm sounds like birds singing, beeping, FM radio, or waves. 

Like most of the other clocks on our list, the Mpow has a USB charging port to power up your devices. It also has power-off memory so you won’t lose your alarms or radio settings during a power outage. 


Three alarm volumes

Large snooze button

Preset up to 30 radio stations

Display is easy to read


USB port charges very slowly

Life is Better With Projection Clocks

A projection clock can change your life. We know that sounds drastic, but it’s true. There’s no need to lose the comfy spot on your bed when you can open your eyes and know the time. 

Any of the five bedside clock options above will help you stay cozy during your late-night time checks. 

Keep reading our blogs to find more products and tips to make your life easier. 

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