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The Top 7 Secrets To Beat The Economic Slump Senseless And Save Your Business!

The Top 7 Secrets To Beat The Economic Slump Senseless And Save Your Business!

Einstein said:

Slump Senseless “The definition of insanity is to expect different results, while continuing to do the same thing.”

Are you going insane with this recession? Give your business and your life a lift by looking at 7 Secrets which will make a difference for you, tomorrow.

7 Secrets To Beat The Economic Slump Senseless and save your business:

Box, box, box – you have to box the slump by boxing your way outside the box! Here’s how:

1. Lead Through Aggressive Recognition Leadership (ARL).

Get firm with yourself and your employees about what is expected. We tend to slack-off with everything as our world collapses around us, making a turn-around much harder. The other side of it, and what will get more from you and your employees in recognition. It is the top human need after food, sleep and you-know-what. Compliments are free to give, and very hard to buy. Start baking up sincere compliments. They will allow you to implement firmer expectations. People suck up compliments like the finest candy – and they ALWAYS think more highly of the person who gave the compliment!

2. Tap the tap that you have never tapped Slump Senseless.

Now is the time to take that great idea you had two years ago out of the cob webs of your mind and turn it into action! If you don’t have good ideas, find an “idea guru” you can trust. Jay Abrams has 15,000 documented testimonials from small businesses he has helped by improving their bottom line quickly. You can Google his name. You cannot miss with Jay!

3. A good fight can turn on lights.

Have you ever found yourself putting up with someone you shouldn’t put up with? If you have allowed an employee, boss or competitor to hit you on the shoulder repeatedly while they acted like it was a joke, it’s time for a fight! Letting someone else chip at you constantly will eventually destroy you. Face the problem maker. This could be someone who just plays mind-games with you (if you’re a victim of this, you know what I’m talking about). Face them, but don’t “take them out.” See if you can work it out. If you want help with this, tell me.

4. Make the “Glass Half Full” a tool Slump Senseless!

Start playing a “mind game” with yourself. Everytime you have a negative thought, make yourself pause, and think what could be positive about it. Actually re-run the thought with a positive tilt. For example, turn: “The furnace is going out because it sounds funny” into: “The furnace may need just a tune-up and we can afford to have Bob do that next month.

5. Make meetings merge with meaningful mixing of “member moments Slump Senseless”.

When someone makes an intellingent comment or ask a particularly good question, RECOGNIZE IT! Connect it to a previous questions or comment if aplicable: “That’s a great question Jane. There really is no reason we haven’t shopped the price of our boxes in five years. That works with what John said earlier about how much we’re paying for toner. We should probably think about a bottom up audit of our material and office supply costs.” This makes everyone want to contribute more. And after-all ideas are the most powerful product of any business, aren’t they? So producing more ideas is probably right up at the top the list, isn’t it?

6. “Pay The Piper” and make others pay the piper Slump Senseless.

I built a real brokerage from zero to 140 agents in 30 months, but I had a major fault in my management style. I didn’t enforce my own rules, and I didn’t follow them. If I had it to do over again, I would. For this to be work well, you (if you’re the boss) need to subject yourself to all the same rules, and take the punishment, just like everyone else. When an employee sees this, it will rocket the level at which they respect you.

7. Teach basic Personality Style Recognition, NOW Slump Senseless!

If you don’t know what Personality Style Recognition is, you are letting thousands of dollars a year slip through your fingers. You can quickly learn and it teach it. It’s a powerful business tool. You can Google “Personality Styles.”

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