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The top five organizations working to protect children from sexual abuse in Bolivia

Bolivia is one of the poorest nations in South America, and a growing number of its rural population, primarily illiterate and living in abject poverty, is relocating to metropolitan centers like El Alto. These migratory families are often broken up because one or both parents are compelled to leave their children to look for employment in other locations. Due to these situations, many problems, such as sexual violence in children, are at their peak. Below are the top 5 organizations working hard to protect children from sexual abuse.

  1. Help Bolivia Foundation

The Tahuantinsuyo Community Centre and the Villa Ingenio, El Alto neighborhood, are both locations where the Help Bolivia Foundation is challenging at work. These neighborhoods are located on the outskirts of La Paz. Their goal is to make communities more conducive to positive change by encouraging children to remain in school for more extended periods, increasing the proportion of students who continue their education beyond high school, and being able to overcome limitations and challenges that are prevalent in their communities, such as child abuse and sexual abuse, child abandonment, and learning disabilities. Their goal is to alleviate poverty in Bolivia by delivering programs that provide poor children with education, counseling, and nutrition, as well as underprivileged mothers and adolescents with skill training.

  1. A Breeze Of Hope

A Breeze of Hope is an organization that has become a breeze and a hope for those suffering from the impacts of sexual assault. This is because the organization has provided free direct services to thousands of child victims of sexual violence and their non-offending family members. These services include free legal, social, and psychological support, as well as vocational training and economic independence courses.Over the last 20 years, A Breeze of Hope has also trained over 40,000 professionals in trauma-informed response to childhood sexual violence and has brought awareness to hundreds of thousands of individuals through its impactful public campaigns and effective legal reform advocacy. A Breeze of Hope, an award-winning organization, is globally recognized for the efficacy of its work. A Breeze of Hope works closely with the Organization of American States, the United Nations, the Lancet Commission, and a host of world-renowned human rights advocacy groups. In their capacity as a community of wounded healers, A Breeze of Hope staff draw from their own personal experiences of pain and suffering to make the world a safer and happier place for children. A Breeze of Hope is recognized as Bolivia’s most specialized support center for child victims of sexual violence.

  1. Consorcio ECPAT Bolivia

Consorcio ECPAT Bolivia was established by Pastoral de Movilidad Humana (PHM) and Fundación MunasimKullakita (FMK), two of the most prominent non-governmental organizations in Bolivia that are fighting against the sexual exploitation of minors for the sake of commercial gain. In addition to the programs they run on CSEC, they are widely known throughout the nation for their roles as co-chairs of Mesa El Alto contra la Violencia Sexual Commercial. This is a coalition of governmental and non-governmental organizations that lobbied for the legal reforms in 2011 on CSEC and trafficking in persons, and it has remained in place ever since to coordinate actions across the country on the issue.

  1. Save the Children

Save the Children has been active in Bolivia for more than 30 years, implementing programs that protect the rights of vulnerable children and serve their needs in health, education, protection, and emergency response. These programs span the lifecycle of a child, from infancy to early adulthood, and cover a wide range of ages. They began as a single program in 1985, close to Bolivia’s central La Paz. The following year, in 1986, they started giving sponsorship, and now they are Bolivia’s most prominent children’s charity. Their early childhood programs assist in preparing young children for school by providing them with access to quality preschools and early literacy programs. In contrast, their programs designed for elementary school children work to transform students into learners who will continue their education throughout their lives by constructing rigorous curricula and motivating teachers.

  1. Fundacion Pro Niños

Bolivian children and families living in poverty may benefit from the foundation’s educational, medical, and social services via its many initiatives. In addition, they are active in the fight against child labor and the defense of children’s rights. Since it began its operations in 2001, Fundacion Pro Niños has been able to assist more than 25,000 youngsters in Bolivia. Thanks to this devotion, they have a deep dedication to their programs and continue to broaden their scope each year. In addition, Pro Niños oversees the administration of several schools and homes for orphans in Bolivia. They are regarded highly for the job they do and are considered one of the nation’s most well-known charitable organizations.

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