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The two first met in the compartment of a train bound for Europe

The two first met in the compartment of a train bound for Europe

The two first met in the compartment of a train bound for Europe. The girl has heavy glasses in her eyes, a huge suitcase and a book in her hand. The boy is just the opposite again. One head is smiling and talking a little bit with random hair. The more annoyed the girl is, the more the boy’s words increase. Even in that word, meaningless ‘love-love’ feeling! Think how annoying! This is not the end. The girl was surprised to see that the boy was repeating the same ‘love-love’ words as soon as he met his girlfriends. Busy! Tell someone what else it takes to ‘dislike at first sight.

But this scene created Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, one of the most popular romantic movies in Bollywood .

Pride and Prejudice was written by Jane Austen in 1831 . At first sight, Elizabeth began to dislike Darthy because of his rude behavior. But at the end of the novel, I see that Darthy has changed a lot and Elizabeth also realizes that Darthy is the prince of her dreams. The question is, is such love actually a reality? Whom I do not like at all, once I actually fell in love with him?

Mekhla Sarkar, an associate professor and psychiatrist at the National Institute of Mental Health, said in response to this question, But when there is an opportunity to come closer, to socialize, to get to know each other, it is logical and normal for ideas to change.

He also tells the story of Tanvir and Mahua. Mahua is a very tidy girl. Plan ahead and put reminders in Google Calendar. Mahua thinks a five o’clock meeting can never start at five one minutes. And Tanvir is a bit random. Want to work independently. Wake up at night and think of the idea, when the idea comes to mind, write like yourself, he is willing to miss a couple of meetings if necessary! So However, to everyone’s surprise, Tanvir-Mahua went for coffee on a rainy evening. Their love started from the evening of the coffee cup.

Last year, Mahua-Tanvir got a family in a small house in Niketan, Dhaka. I asked Tanvir how he turned strong dislike or hatred into intense love. He replied, ‘Coincidentally, one day the girl was very helpful. He has no fatigue in teaching the new intern (apprentice) to work by hand. He is so busy with his schedule and routine that he wants to know if the son of our office assistant has recovered. ‘

Talking about this transformation of Mahua-Tanvir’s feelings and emotions, Mekhla Sarkar said, ‘Each of us has a value system or a value structure. We all think that my spouse must have certain qualities. It is normal to feel intense attraction when people with dislikes have those qualities. ‘ According to the Mekhla government, ‘there are many levels of human character. The deeper the relationship, the more those layers of character unfold before us.

Regarding the Setu-Robin relationship, the Mekhla government said, “We are jealous of him, whom we value.

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