The Warmest Winter Jackets

During winter, a person needs to wear proper woollensin order to protect themselves from the biting cold. Woollens are both highly wearable and super durable. Also, wool fibres are biodegradable–they naturally decompose in a matter of years, releasing valuable nutrients back into the earth.

Woollen socks should have the following characteristics, mainly, they should be soft and warm, give assured satisfaction, should be of a wide range of collection, assured warmness, and be of assured quality. In this context, merino wool is of the highest quality.


Wool is one of the best fabrics to wear when hiking, camping, or other active and outdoor activities. They are extremely soft to wear.

Wool is having so many qualities that make it the preferred material for those times when you need to be ready for anything. Wool comprises fibers and helps to keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter thus, making them perfect all year round.

Woollenfibres are very soft, comfortable, and therefore non-itchy, as they are thinner and softer than others.


Woollens are very sustainable as they are fully percentile ecological. The sheep are shorn once or two times a year therefore, their growth is fast.


The natural elasticity of wool prevents them from sagging and stretching. The wool’s natural elasticity allows garments to easily stretch and then return to their original shape. This is why they are the best material. The wool fibres prevent bagging and sagging. They are easily stretchable, as you will notice. Their flexibility makes them ideal for wear and they easily are the ideal fit. Woollens will dry out much faster than cotton and other synthetic fabrics, hence easy to maintain.

Woollen clothes are highly durable. The specialty of sheep is that their fleece possesses amazing natural engineering through which they can survive extreme weather conditions. Even though they are lightweight, the woollens keep us warm in winters up to temperature -10C, while in summers it keeps cool in temperatures of up to +30°C. Another advantage of woollens is that they are antibacterial and odourless. They also prevent blisters.


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