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Then Look no Further Than a Barndominium Home

Then Look no Further Than a Barndominium Home

Are you looking for a home that is a little outside of the box? Then look no further than a barndominium home. A unique new type of home is popping up on the scene. The barndominium. Perfect for those that want something different but still homey with tons of space. If this type of space sounds like you, here is our beginner’s guide to barndominium homes.

What is a Barndominium?

A barndominium home is almost exactly what it sounds like. It mixes barn and condominium. A barndominium-style home comes from revamping an old barn. Barndominiums offer an almost endless amount of flexibility for a living space. These days, you can build a barndominium or “barndo” by flipping an old barn or building one with a kit from scratch.

How are They Different?

Besides the fact that barndos look different from a traditional style house, they also have some other characteristics that make them appealing to homeowners. Barndominiums are built with pre-engineered metal frames. This frame is what creates the single, huge open space on the bottom of the structure with a mezzanine area built on top of it.

Unlike a traditional house, a barndominium is meant to have a dual purpose. The top floor is generally where the main living space is. While the spacious, expansive room on the bottom can be used for a variety of different reasons. Some people set up businesses there, while others use it for the ultimate entertaining space. And some just need an extra place to park a car. No matter what you use it for, the biggest difference in barndo is having that large, dual-purpose space.

What do Barndominiums Look Like?

Ever go on a long drive and see a beautiful barn in the middle of a big grassy field? Well, that’s pretty spot on to what a barndominium looks like.
Although the bottom of the barn where the classic barn doors are is turned into a large living space. Some characteristics of barndominiums include floor-to-ceiling windows on the bottom level. Many barndos come with modern styles now. You can have them built any way you like, whether that’s sticking to the old barn feel or creating something with a totally modern twist. It’s all about flexibility and dual purpose when it comes to this style of home.

Benefits of Barndominium Homes


The main benefit of building this type of home is the flexibility that comes with the space. You can use these types of buildings as commercial or residential property, adding value to your assets. The steel frame of the build allows you to put whatever style you would like on the outside of the building with ease. You can easily add on to this style of home throughout the years. If you decide that you want a wrap-around porch or custom entrances, you can do so during the build or just add on at a later time. These homes are all about customization and flexibility, and they look great with porches or pools.

Cost Efficient

Barndominiums fit the best in areas with a lot of land. They tend to be on the bigger side because of the appeal of the large space. There is no need to spend time and effort on building walls on the bottom floor. But they are also cost efficient despite their size.Building a barndominium is usually more cost-effective than building a traditional home as well. Building one of these structures can cost as low as $70-$90 per square foot.

Energy Efficient

These types of buildings can be built to be extremely energy efficient as well. With a large space, you may be worried about the costs of heating and cooling. But there are certain insulation packages that you can upgrade to ensure that your home is energy efficient. If you’re looking for more information on building your own barn dominium, check out this detailed guide from ZP Architects & Engineers. Barndominiums may not be the first thing you think of when thinking of your dream home. But the style and flexibility of these buildings can be enough to dive right in and build your own.

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