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These 10 foods can't stand the fridge

These 10 foods can’t stand the fridge

The refrigerator can preserve food, but not all. There are products that cannot stand the cold and lose their nutritional qualities and their flavors if they are put in the fridge.

Here 24 foods not to be stored in the refrigerator.

  1. The oil
  2. The oil is best kept at room temperature, in a dry place. shelter from light. It generally does not like heat or cold and freezes in the refrigerator, especially Mediterranean oils such as olive, avocado or argan oil.
  3. Basil

Basil fears humidity and does not keep in the fridge. It is best to buy it in small quantities and put it in a glass of water, like flowers, to preserve its freshness. Other fresh herbs are just as fragile.

  1. Garlic
  2. A ventilated and dry place is best for storing garlic. It softens and germinates quickly, placed in the refrigerator.
      1. Tomatoes
      2. Tomatoes become bland, stored in the cold.  This explains why they lose flavor and become soft.
        1. Potatoes
        2. Potatoes are easily stored in a dry, ventilated and shady place. It is best to put them in a paper or canvas bag. The use of the plastic bag and storage in the refrigerator should be avoided.
              1. Eggplants and courgettes

          It is best not to store eggplant and zucchini in the refrigerator. The cold deteriorates the cell walls, making them mealy, and stops the ripening process. They may wilt faster and lose their flavor.

                  1. Eggs

          Eggs have a dedicated compartment in the refrigerator.  In a cold environment, the natural protection of the shells decreases. They absorb odors more easily, which alters their taste, and bacteria could enter them.

                    1. Avocado

                    2. The cold promotes the darkening of the flesh of the avocado and stops the process of maturity. To make the avocado ripen more easily, it is smart to put it in a paper bag with a ripe banana. Coating the flesh with lemon juice helps prevent it from turning black.
                              1. Bananas

                      Bananas darken in the fridge. It is best to leave them in the open air in a ventilated place. If they are not yet ripe, you can wrap them in newspaper to keep the ethylene released and help them ripen faster.

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