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Laser Vaginal Tightening

Things You Should Consider Before Laser Vaginal Tightening

You are in the right place to know about laser vagina to get back urinary control or vaginal tightness after childbirth, menopause and other causes. Over 7 million women like you in the UK alone have such issues. But unlike you, many of them are still shy about vaginal treatments. Many consider it only a cosmetic treatment, but it is the best health treatment for women to solve many issues. So, check why women need the best laser vagina and the many things to consider before having it from reputed clinics to be free from urinary incontinence issues and have happy sexual life again.

What Is a Laser Vagina?

Women worldwide experience many changes in their genitalia because of childbirth, aging, hormonal changes and other reasons. You must have urinary pressure incontinence if you experience a leak while you chuckle, hack, sniffle or run. The pelvic floor muscles become too feeble because of aging or childbirth. The same is the case if you have vaginal looseness, flatus sourness or dryness, decreased sensation, or reduced sexual pleasure. It is because of the weakening of the muscles, ligaments and fascia within the vagina because of delivering a child and getting severe with more deliveries. Due to a lack of awareness and information about the advanced treatment options, many women live with these issues. But vaginal health is important to women’s overall health, so it is essential to know about vaginal laser treatments.

A laser vagina is more than a cosmetic procedure but a vaginal rejuvenation to restore urinary continence and tighten the vagina for sexual satisfaction. It is a painless, non-surgical, non-invasive laser procedure that only lasts a few minutes to repair muscles and tissues around the bladder and vagina to reduce its cavity size. Once the procedure is over, the women can return to work within a few hours and have satisfying sex within a week. And for best results, it is essential to have one to five sessions, depending on the extent of the vaginal stretch. Apart from treating loose vagina and urinary incontinence, it is also ideal for improving vaginal appearance, orgasm dysfunction, labia remodeling, and vaginal prolapse and restoring the right pH balance in the vagina by eliminating infectors like bacteria and others.

Things To Consider for Having the Best Laser Vagina

Women do not worry about urinary incontinence and their vaginal issues because of childbirth and hormonal changes having the best laser vagina.

Anaesthesia, though not essential for the laser vagina, may need topical for external treatments.

Any other treatments like labiaplasty to reduce the labia size, and other conditions like it being asymmetric or twisted

The number of treatments though one, gives satisfactory results for most women, a few may need up to three sessions at one-month intervals.

Though the treatment’s impact lasts for a long time, some women may need it after specific years to keep the impact.

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